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Hi Lachie

Just Google what you are looking for and put Subsim at the end.
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Default Torpedo Loads

My grandson wants me to get him more torps (cheating I know), but I don't know how.
Have you any info on how I can get extra torps ? If it is editing files , then which files. Any info would help me. Anything for a quiet life.
Regards Lachie(lowbow).
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Very helpfull thanks ;D
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Default How to Make Multiple Silent Hunter 5 Game Copies By Targor Avelany

How to Make Multiple Silent Hunter 5 Game Copies By Targor Avelany
SH5 Install Switch 0.0.1 Application version 0.0.1.
Download link.

The SH5 Install Switch Application allows you to change the default installation folder of Silent Hunter 5, providing you with ability to have a total of 3 playable games.

How does it work?
The Uplay Game Launcher asks the Windows Registry for the location of the installation directory and its executive path.
Install Switch changes these paths within the registry, so the Uplay Game Launcher looks in the folders where you have your games.
It means that the Application has to be run every time you want to switch the location/version of your SH5 game.
At the moment, there are only 2 selectable options, because I have just started figuring out C# (and the program is written with Microsoft Visual Express 2012) and have no idea how to do dynamic GUI; that is something for future versions.

Note 1: The initial launch of the program may be lengthy due to the program locating the Registry Paths.

Note 2: This program does not change your Document***8217;s settings and saves, so I don***8217;t recommend running the saves from one version/mods on another version/mods.
Try this only if you know what you are doing.

Note 3: You do need .NET Framework 3.5 on your computer. I would assume everyone has it already, but just as a reminder decided to mention.

Note 4: It is important to make a clean unmoded installation updated to v1.2.0
This installation will automatically create a SH5 save game folder in your Documents folder.

You can now make copies (2 maximum) of this new installation and paste to a folder anywhere on your system.
Each copied installation needs its own named game folder.
For example:
D:\Ubisoft\ Silent Hunter 5 (Default original installation)
C:\Game\Silent Hunter 5 (Copy/Option 1)
D:\Sober\Silentotto Campaigns (Copy/Option 2)

Note 5: The SH5 Install Switch must be run as an administrator.

If the original game is now copied and pasted to the same drive, the SH5 Install switch.exe can now be run to setup a second SH5 game.

How to use the SH5 Install Switch
The application can be installed anywhere as it uses a browser to find your games.
The picture shows the Application unzipped in its own folder called SH5 Install Switch.

Open the Application.
You will see that the Application defaults to the original installation in this case on the D drive.
Click Option 1.
Press Select.
Browse to where your game is (Example) C:\Game\Silent Hunter 5
Click on Save Settings.
Click on Switch.
Your game has now been switched.

Before you launch this switched game do not forget to first rename the default SH5 save game folder in Documents on your C drive.
Now you can launch your first game copy.
This will automatically create a new SH5 save game folder in your Documents folder.
SH5 always uses the Documents SH5 folder name regardless whatever version you play.

Repeat the process if you wish to add another game to play.
You will now have 3 SH5 save game folders showing in your Documents folder 2 of which must always be renamed.

The picture shows that Option 2 has been switched and is now the current game selected to play.

Make sure that you rename these saved game folders so you can identify which game each one belongs to.
This must be done every time you use the Switch Application.

The picture shows all 3 save game files renamed.
I prefer to do this after each gaming session as the next time I play maybe a different game.

A message from THEBERBSTER.
I would like to pay my respects to the following people.
A special thank you and courtesy acknowledgment to Targot Avelany for the use of his application in the editing of this tutorial I hope you do not mind.
Courtesy acknowledgement to Kapten Nemo for drawing my attention to Targot Avelany’s application.
Courtesy acknowledgement to lowbow (Latchie) for his patience with my questions.

For those who would like to see Targor's original post.
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