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Default Need Help and as Much Info as I can Get on the Ohio Class!

So, I'm a hobbyist programmer and a few friends and I came up with an idea last night to make a total conversion mod for one of our favourite multiplayer games to turn it into a subsim. The game is set on a space ship, and each and every member of the crew is a human player, from the commanding officer down to the cook in the galley.

Now, where we need help: Since this game is so comprehensive, we're going to need a complete idea of the interior of our submarine (we've pretty much settled on setting this game in an Ohio class SSBN), down to every pipe, wire, console, hatch, ladder, locker, and piece of equipment. We'd also need a full crew complement so we can get an accurate idea of the command structure and such (the game will be roleplay focused). Although, since each character requires a player behind him, the crew complement will have to be rounded down for sheer practicality. In addition, it would be nice to have images of the consoles and stations so we can design GUIs that resemble the real thing when interacting with them in game.

The reason we need such complete details is that this game has full engineering simulation, including electrical systems (which can be damaged and repaired, eg: cut wires, battery fires, etc), atmospheric systems like ventilation, reactors, and more.

I know this may not be possible, and I can't guarantee this game will happen, but in the meanwhile, it's a fun project to work on in our spare time. We have been unable to find such a sheer amount of information ourselves, but if anyone can do it, I know it's my fellow enthusiasts here on subsim!

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