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Default Game Issues

Has anybody ever played a nocturnal mission on Sub Command and then instead of seeing a dark sky with the stars, you still see the day and the sky looks distorted? I noticed this on the second or third listed single mission. The game recommends* only 16MB of VRAM or more, which is primitive. Yet I'm using a ATI Mobile Radeon 9000 card with 32 MB VRAM. (I deliberately use old PCs with Windows XP for sub games). Drivers have been updated.

I am really just considering to stick with Jane's 688i H/K. It has far less (negligible) bugs than in Sub Command and I'm not really interested in piloting the Akula or Seawolf, and if you download the Sardine patch for 688i H/K, the mission editor becomes just as good as the one in Sub Command. I'm not considering to play DW because although the printed manual will "look good on my shelf" I dont have time to learn a 2 inch manual and pilot different ships in the game besides subs (I have other games for that sort of thing. lol), not to mention DW has its own bugs... How increasingly complex do you want a computer game to be??

Anyway, please help me with my first question. Thanks.

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