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Icon9 Cannot pickup special forces

Hi guys

I've just picked up Sub Command and I'm trying to accomplish one of the single missions where you have to launch and retrieve two SEAL teams.

One SEAL team has to be picked up at 26-35N and 056-01E - I've gone to these exact co-ordinates and can see the boat with the SEALS on it. I've hovered at this location at a dead stop at periscope depth, surfaced, cruised through and into the SEAL boat at 1 or 2 knots - nothing happens.

The SEAL team never boards the submarine. I've even driven straight into the SEAL team boat and lost the submarine. I've surfaced right below them, and lost the submarine. I've cruised past less than 20 feet away according to the nav display at one knot, but they never board...

How do I pick up the SEAL team??

Additionally, I cannot launch a SEAL team either. The mission says that I must go to 26-31N and 055-56E to release the other SEAL team - same there, I've gone to those exact coords, cruised through them at 1 or 2 knots at periscope depth, cruised through surfaced at 1 or 2 knots, stopped there on the surface, stopped at PD for several minutes, accelerated time, or sat there at normal time for several minutes - the SEAL team never launches, just as the SEAL team at the other set of coords never gets picked up, although I'm exactly where the briefing told me to be... this is nowhere near a land target that can be designated to send a SEAL team against, so it is not a "normal" SEAL mission, the briefing for the mission (which is a stock Sub Command mission, NOT a download...) literally states to just go to the coords as given - there is nothing to designate as a SEAL target, even with truth turned on.

Anybody encountered this? How did you solve it to complete the mission? E. g. a "command-less" SEAL team mission where you cannot actively launch or retrieve SEALS, it has to happen "by itself" when you are at the right coords - but you ARE at the right coords but the teams never retrieve or launch as the briefing says they will at those coords.

Thank you!

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Old 07-05-2016, 03:15 AM   #2
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Ok eventually got this done!

Tried again last night, the key seems to be to do the objectives strictly in the order given in the briefings. Also, the insert of the one SEAL team and the retrieval of the other was NOT instant.

I had to loiter at 2 knots for about 15 minutes at each location before the game suddenly stated that the objective was achieved.

So all's fine... hope this helps somebody else.

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Yeah, I was going to say that deploying and recovering takes some time, didn't realize it was that much time, though.
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Is there a command that must be used to launch a Seal Team or the DSRV? I can't seem to get that done.
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