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Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
So, I've solved the problem with the following corrections :

Type=1026;Menu group
i haven't made any error at my instructions so 'corrections' is not the right word, fahnenbohn

you attached the tool somewhere else,thats all,you didn't made any 'correction'. But, i will not suggest the tool to be attached at 0x3F000000 becuase that way will be vissible everywhere,on every page you are and will pop-up every time you place the cursor close to the edge of screen no matter at what page you may are.

If you follow my instructions , you will have it on screen only when you really want it to appear by clicking on navigator officer's orders.(alternatively,you can also attach it ,if you want, on sonarman,radioman,helsman...etc).I find it more convenient to be that way ,therefore the instructions are puting it there. Play with the XXX and YYY values and you will see it appearing on your screen.

of course ,you may want to attach it only on navigation map page or to layout page(as you did),if this is your taste (someone else may want to attach it on the helm's dials button and so on),no problem with that, but don't say that you made a ...''correction''.

Finally,adding some pixels on slider of tool also is not called ''correction''.

Better call all the above as 'personal adjustments'

Please, remove your post in order to avoid confusing people here
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Mediafire page:
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Old 01-28-2018, 04:50 PM   #32
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A beautiful piece of art!

For people: don't stick to the labels, "Time (sec)" for example. You can calculate in minutes or in hours with this scale. Learn to do math with sliderule and you can freely calculate many more things directly in game.
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Wow. Nice job man... I love it.

Maybe I should take the Type II for a ride again.
Type II junkie
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Excellent work, Makman

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