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Default Playing US subs only how does the latest Offical Patched SC compare to DW now

Been happy with Dangerous Waters I just play US subs only, but can not stand the buggy vcr replay problems i am experiencing trying to watch how my mission played out. I have never experienced this with Sub Command the replay feature is nice and smooth nothing ever jumps around like helicopters missiles and torpedos do in Dangerous Waters replay. I am thinking of going back to Sub Command. But if i remember right my Sub Command would crash once in awhile but my Dangerous Waters never has crashed on me.

A few questions playing US subs only which game would you consider the more stable one SC or DW?

With both SC and DW with latest official patch playing US subs only does one game do anything better the other does not from playing US subs only prospective?

Does Sub Command do anything better or more realistic then DW?

The Less bugs the better for me and hate games that are prone to crashing.

As far as both SC and DW with latest official Patch installed and just playing USA Subs any other bugs one game might have that the other game does not?

Which game SC or DW playing missions made with mission editor is the most stable and crash free over the long run playing a mission for hours with saves?

If the DW replay viewer was nice and smooth like SC is, I would be happy with DW. I can not believe the makers of this game let this buggy replay viewer out to the public, must be a complicated mess or they would have fixed it. The time advance bar is complete garbage then, they should have just left the replay viewer like Sub Command, very strange why the left it in this state.

While playing the game you just dont get to see whats really going on around you and thats part of the fun of the sim, but another part is getting to see what exactly unfolded around you while you are submerged, and this buggy replay viewer does a lousy job at critical times to see what really happened.

Thanks for any info between SC and DW playing USA subs only.

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Both games could be buggy, a lot of this depends on your CPU/GPU/RAM set up and your OS. Both games could be tricky to run on older machines, DW could be tougher because there was more going on graphically.

With newer machines this isn't much of an issue. SC and DW's resources are tiny compared to modern games. To put it in perspective, I'm running a "budget" PC (350 dollar pre-built tower) with an i3 CPU and a 40 dollar fanless GPU with Win10 (64 bit) as an OS.
Its a case of hopeless overkill for those generations of games. I don't even bother looking at frame rate, its somewhere over 200 FPS running DW at maxed out settings. SC's frame rate is even higher and neither has ever crashed on this rig. I could run DW for over 12 hours and the only thing that would quit is me.

Your VCR replay is tied to how many machine cycles your CPU and GPU are trying to execute. On older hardware it was easy to bog-down the chips resulting in errors with your replay.

Let's leave it at this- It only took me 20 years of waiting to get this much of an over-powering difference between hardware and software.
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