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Default But, do I need it?

So, I'm getting ready to do some upkeep on my desktop.
I'm running a "value-based" rig that features a fast i3 cpu with 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM and Win10/64 bit. I have no complaints with this rig. It runs my games (old games) just fine and its a great platform for most on-line use.
I have a 1 Tb HD coming in the mail which I'm going to clone to my current HD then test. If it runs better, I'll swap the drives. If its the same, I'll store it in case I need the back up or the current drive fails.

One thing has me puzzled: should I plan to upgrade the RAM? I like the idea of having a spare stick of DDR3 RAM while I can still buy it but would I see any kind of performance boost by doubling my on-board RAM from 8 Gig to 16 Gig?

I barely use the second core in the CPU as it is. For games, I play stuff like Dangerous Waters and Flight Sim 2002 and CTD's are very rare (something like once a year) and I've played these games for over 12 hours at a time.

So, assuming I can match the specs of my current 8 Gig stick with a second 8 Gig stick, do I see any kind of gains in performance or am I just doubling my access time?
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First, a 1 TB hard drive? I have a 240 GB SSD just for the OS (Windows 10), and a 500 GB SSD just to hold my games. I have a 4 TB Internal HDD for my main storage, and I just today used some found money for an External 4 TB backup drive. This will replace the 3 TB drive that died a while ago and cover for the older 2 TB drive that is rapidly running out of room. That one will now be used just for music storage.

As to your question: 8 GB is probably all you really need, but 16 is always nice. Some people have 32 or even 64, but 16 will probably keep you covered. One thing I've recently learned though: Check your RAM speed (2133, 3200, 3600...) and make sure the new one matches that number. Having two different frequencies can make things worse, not better. It doesn't have to be the same manufacturer, though buying them in pairs makes it easier. I also used some of that "found money" to buy a pair of 8-Gig sticks (I got suckered by the "RGB" thing) that are a lot faster than the ones I have. And don't forget to check the listing and make sure the new one is DDR3. It is completely different from DDR4, and they don't fit into the same slots. What's even funnier is that modern graphics cards (now upgraded to "GPUs" ("Graphics Processing Units") are using DDR5, and everyone is wondering why RAM sticks haven't got there yet.
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