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Ular Laut
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Default 53 cm torps in akula? (Vanila dw)

Hi sailors... I want to ask some question
1. In vanila dw have you ever used 53cm torps? Since in the vanila dw the 65cm can do better, (speed, range, warhead) than 53 and both 53 and 65 can be wireguided.
2. For the subroc, which one you choose, stallion or ss-n-xx-asw(the shorter range)
3. For the american sub, what is the purpose of harpoon, since tasm can do better? (longer range, more damage)
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No, I don't think I ever really used the 53 cm torpedo. The 65 cm in reality is supposed to be just for surface ships, but that's the torp to use for Akula in stock DW.

I believe in stock that Stallion can be launched from much deeper. I believe their torpedoes have different performance, as well. I think the Stallion torpedo was the better one.

Well, the purpose of Harpoon is that it should be the only anti-ship missile left at your disposal. After the Cold War, all TASMs were converted to TLAMs. The Harpoon's initial purpose was to take out surfaced submarines. The Harpoon is also much smaller than a TASM, so it's harder to spot.
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In vanilla Stallion have greater range but weaker torpedo than SS-N-27 ASW
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Ular Laut
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Thank you.
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