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Old 03-22-2008, 09:15 AM   #1
Navy Dude
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Default [REL] New single mission


I've made my first single mission, comments and feedback is welcome.
This mission is made for use with Trigger_Maru 1.7.6 or higher and RSRD-the campaign Phase-III and patch 1.4 installed.
It could be (but i don't know for sure) that it works fine without these mods or with other mods.
I would appreciate it if you would inform me about that too.

This mission is JSGME-compatible if you don't already have a Single Mission 12.
Otherwise place it manually and rename it.

Here's the download link:

This mission is based upon historical events and i tried to reconstruct and simulate the actual events as accurate as possible. (as far as i could find info about them, that is).
This counts for the type and number of ships you will encounter too.
If this sounds vague or strange don't worry, you'll understand once you get "enemy contact".
Anyway, i hope you like it!


With special thanks to Peabody for testing this mission and giving advice.

Green persicope crossline's mod

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Old 03-24-2008, 02:02 PM   #2
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The mission works in Stock 1.4. I only have Warships retextured and ROW sound effects and it works fine. Nice job. I didn't get to see the "new" ending you talked about because I didn't sink it. Maybe next time. I missed with my stern tubes.


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Old 05-05-2011, 04:34 AM   #3
Grey Wolf
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this mission is for stock 1.5 version too? and your link is dead by the way
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