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Cold Waters Dev
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USNI World Naval Weapon Systems lists the range as 5 to 50km. RPK-2 is listed as 8-10km, which works out to the. My guess is that the range is controlled by varying the burn duration of the booster stage and time to separation, similar to how ASW rocket systems like RBU work.
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Originally Posted by -Pv- View Post
1 = total agreement

3 = Note sure ASW helos lack processing power to compete with towed array performance.

5 = Agree degraded solutions should project along last known course and speed. However, Ghosting is needed to inform the player the contact is not currently 100% reliable in addition to the percentage readout.
I get the impression based on comments in the past, several players do not like the contact jumping around to unreasonably random solutions when it is lost after near 100%. A contact which never got above 80% then lost could have a reasonable ghosting error due to not very good contact to begin with.
o_O ... I think I may have a solution... instead of showing a dot when re-establishing contact, show a polygon. On this polygon one point is placed over previous contact point, two points are placed equally apart representing where current calculation is and one point place over projected course; if target had kept previous course and speed. Effectively a hybrid fan-plot. we want to retain that error because sometimes a guess is correct, and can cue you in on the other Captain trying some shennanigans... or maybe not . at least this way the player knows how wide that vessel may have moved. This would also reward players that know the other vessel's handling characteristics. ie "That November could not possibly have turned in that far"

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alternative example

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