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Default I need a little help

How would I make the sonar sound from Dangerous Water work in sh4 tmo 2.5...Can anyone tell me how to do that??
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Sailor Steve
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If the Dangerous Waters sound files are .wav, which is the format used in Silent Hunter, then it's as simple as copying the one from DW and pasting it into the sound folder of SH4, replacing the one that's there. I'm not sure of the DW file structure, so I can't tell you exactly where to look there, but it shouldn't be too hard to find.

If DW uses a different format for their sound files then you'll need to use a free sound converter to change it. A little more work, but still not difficult.
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Rockin Robbins
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And of course you'll have to rename the DW file to the same name that SH4 uses for the sound.
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Try swapping first however the length of the sound file may be important. If the SH4 file is 8.5 seconds and the DW file is 10.2 seconds you may need to trim it down. Sometimes this is important and sometimes not.

Another format used is ogg.

I've used GoldWave to edit and convert files since the 90's - other people like Audacity. Both have free versions.

Another thought if you are just trying to find a better sound is to copy the sound file from a mod like TMO or RFB if they are different - I think they are... not sure though.

Happy Hunting!
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