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Onkel Neal
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Default Samsung unveils world’s largest SSD with whopping 30TB of storage

SO, am I the only person who thinks "I'll never need that much storage"?

In the olde days when HD driver exploded to 16MB of storage, I thought that, in error, but now??

It works for me
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Sailor Steve
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My first computer, an Atari 520ST, had 512 KB of RAM, and no hard drive. I had to purchase a 20 MB hard drive separately. I was told not to go for the 50 MB drive because "They crash a lot."

My first PC had a 165 KB hard drive, which I soon upgraded to 10 MB. Then I had one with 500 MB on the drive, and I was sure I'd never fill that up.

I currently have a 3 TB external hard drive, and after a couple of years I haven't even come close. I think I'll be okay for awhile.
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30 TB ? Sounds they finally made a nice home for my 26 thousand posts, essays, articles, word tsunamis and walls of text! Samsung should name this device a Bird Drive!

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