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Well, I just had an interesting encounter. I was dueling with a pair of Romeos, I didn't have a solution on the second Romeo, but while I was evading the fish from the first one, it fired it's own pair (Yes i had low SOL visuals on, but I generally don't use it to cheat). I'm not sure why it happened, but almost as soon as it launched, the Romeo's second fish circled back and hit its own ship.
I wasn't anywhere near this boat when it happened, and I was out of MOSSes, so this probably had nothing to do with all the noise I was making. Maybe it had a hot running torpedo?
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Depending on your sub model and the torpedo, I think you may not run too fast if you fire at high angle, or you will catch up your own torpedo and get heavy hull damage, maybe sinking.
Not too long ago I fired a MK-48 at high angle at about 10-15 knots, an error, my torpedo tube got destroyed and my hull got down to 20%. Since then, I use to fire in a straight line and correct the waypoint afterwards.
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