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Originally Posted by propbeanie View Post
Ok, it takes a bit for it to load sometimes, but what are your computer specs? Such as what do you have for a computer make / model, or a cpu? How much memory is in it, and which Operating System are you using? Do you know what video card you are using, or is it an onboard type, included on the motherboard of the computer?
I have an Intel quad core i7-6700k @ 4 ghz, 16 gb ram, Windows 10 Home ver. 1803 os build 17134.165 nvidia gtx 970. I installed the game to C:\SilentHunterWolvesofthePacific. I have no mods installed at this point.
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GPU Driver Roll Back To A Previous Version

I don't know as we've seen the issue where the Campaign files do that, but the Single (Quick) Mission and Patrol files don't... I'll send Peter a PM also, and he'll probably be on here as soon as he gets a chance to go over your details, and maybe have other ideas for you...

Edit: forgot to ask you DoctorWho4... Had you tried a "Compatibility mode" or "Run as administrator" from the SH4.exe file's "Properties" page?... thanks!

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Lets just recap on some basics!
Did you use a Registry Cleaner before installing?
Post #70 How To Use The Free Registry Cleaner 'Ccleaner' > Pictorial > Includes Download Link

Did you check that your gpu is setup correctly for Silent Hunter games?
Post #8 Changing The GPU Settings > Pictorial

Have you checked out this fix?
Post #15 How To Change DPI Scaling Having Changed The GPU Settings And You Still Have A Problem

The fact that you had a previous problem with SH3 and now SH4 is worrying.
With SH3 it is essential to run in a compatibility mode SH4 should not be necessary.

SH4 needs the LAA application.
Run your SH4.exe as an administrator.

As an experiment:
I would suggest deleting your SH4 saved games folder in C:\Documents\SH4
Install Multi SH4 into your main game folder and give it a new 3 digit name but not SH4.
Try starting the game and at the main menu go to Options and Graphic Settings.
Check that the game resolution matches your monitors resolution.
Change the graphic settings to Low for now and Windowed Mode should be unticked.
Save the changes and enter the Naval Academy and the Navigation Tutorial.
Entering the Naval Academy builds your new save game folder the 3 digits you entered in MultiSH4.
If the navigation tutorial loads ok then you should be able to start a stock career.
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