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Commander Wallace
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Default Georgia Engel, 'Mary Tyler Moore Show' actress, dies at 70

Actress Georgia Engel Has passed away. I saw re-runs of the Mary Tyler moore show but remember her more for her recurring role as Robert Barone's mother in law in Everybody loves Raymond. Georgia had a dry sense of humor in delivering her lines that was very memorable.

Rest in Peace Georgia.
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Remember her well from back in the day.


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Oh my God, not again!!

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Very funny lady
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I saw her once in an ice cream parlor here in Hollywood; it was in an out-of-the-way area well away from the tourists and all; I wouldn't have noticed her if it hadn't been for some wayward tourists who came in and made a big fuss over seeing her; she and her companion were at first polite and tried to just go on with their purchase and enjoyment of their ice cream. but one of the lady tourists was a persistent twit and, finally, Ms. Engel & co left in a rush to escape; one of the reasons people should just leave celebs alone if they are just doing mundane things...

RIP, Georgette, and give a hello to Ted...

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