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Thank you very much.
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Default Welcome

Welcome aboard, dietrickvonfikt
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Originally Posted by Stiebler View Post
The U-boats were to come to the surface only once at night, for long enough to recharge their batteries (2-4 hours). NOT to recharge their air – I checked this with real U-boat survivors.

As far as I know, the pressure air on a submarine was only used for "work purpose" (blow ballast tanks, operate air driven equipment like compressed air engines, and so on). I never heard that compressed air was used to renew the breathable air inside the boat. For this purpose, the sub is equipped with compressed oxygen that can't be refilled at sea.
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Does this version work with the built-in Hsie options in LSH3? I read in the manual that some options in the built-in Hsie are prepared specifically for LSH so I did not add this in case it causes errors.

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Hi V
Briefly the differences are:
LSH3 is pre-loaded in the mega mod.
Specific patches are already enabled for you.
No further action is required unless you want to add and enable additional patches to enhance your game.

HSIE is a stand alone application which is usually added to SH3 to enhance the game and fix problems.
this needs to be installed and patched to the SH3.exe
You then enable the patches you wish to use in the game.

If you are making changes from the default air supply by adjusting the sliders then you may wish to add this specific mod.
HSIE O2-Gauges v2 > LSH3 Compatible > Enable JSGME.


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Hi Mr. Stiehbler!
Is there a difference between this Optione Configurator and the one that Blitzkrieg programmed some 3, 4 years ago?
if my question has been answered before, i will be happy when you give me a link 148
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