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Icon7 Fighting Steel Realism Console: introducing NameSwitcher

Hi everybody.

I came back to my original ideas and started the development of a console named "Fighting Steel Realism Console" (FSRC). It has the purpose to be used with the combo Fighting Steel (FS) and Thunder At Sea (TAS), the latter being an awesome campaign simulator.

It will include 4 different applications. The first one is already done, I am practicing some tests on it.


Nameswitcher allows you to easily use ships name that dot not represent real ship present in Fighting Steel. Here is an example:
imagine a completely fictive scenario in TAS where you want:

A ship to represent the never-were USS Kentucky
A ship to represent the never-were RM Impero
A ship to represent the cruiser MN Algerie
A ship to represent the never-were MN Clemenceau
The battlecruiser MN Strasbourg
The cruiser FS Montcalm

Previoulsy in TAS you have to use similar ships to represent these ships in FS.

The USS Kentucky would be represented by the USS Missouri.
The RM Impero would be represented by the RM Littorio.
The MN Algerie would be represented by a similar ship, e.g the RM Zara.
The MN Clemenceau would be represented by the FS Richelieu.
The battlecruiser MN Strasbourg would be represented by herself as she exists in FS.
The cruiser FS Montcalm would be represented by a similar ship, e.g the DKM Leipzig.

This kind of situation exists for example in the TAS scenario RM Nightmare. This has two issue:
You are forced to use the real name of the ship, it means you can have a Zara in your side while playing the french. Pretty disturbing for realism and immersion.
If you have many ships of the same class, it could lead to curious and buggy situation, for example two Richelieu (Richelieu and Clemenceau).

Here come the NameSwitcher.

Using a dictionary file (a simple CSV file, usable with any Excel or notepad editor), one per scenario, it will make the link between TAS and FS and vice versa. It means you will be able to really have the name you want for you ship. Good for immersion.

This is not the only feature. When switching the name, you have three options:

- Switching with obfuscating: It means that while running the TAS scenario in FS, you won't know exactly who is your opponent. For instance, if you are fighting two Queen Elizabeth class battleships, you will see two ships respectively named QueenElizabeth1 and QueenElizabeth2. Pretty good for realism as in the war you were rarely sure which ship you were facing.

- Switching with obfuscating and confusion: to the previous feature, it add the random possibility to get wrong when selecting the class name of the ship. For instance: as an italian, the TAS scenario makes you fight a Richelieu class battleship. But in the game, while really fighting the Richelieu, you could probably see that you are fighting a ship named Nelson1 (it is up to you to not use the camera and check the really type of ship your are fighting against. Think realism!)

- The last feature is the automatic switching mode selection. If you are really fund of realism, it means you let the application select the switching mod. The application will parse the scenario, look at the crew quality of each of your ships, and decide the switching mode.
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Old 07-11-2018, 09:44 PM   #2
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Hi everybody!

The first release is available here: .

I created a first scenario for the campaign simulator Thunder At Sea available here.
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