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Old 04-28-2018, 12:45 PM   #1
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Default Need help for translation of periscope infos

I have now finished my translation of SH3 and all mods that i use \o/

BUT, i have still one to do but i don't find it

For the screen it is "Patrol craft" but i have the same with all the other units ...

Does anybody know where i can find them?
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Sailor Steve
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That file is in SH3's Data/Sea folder. You need to change the names in the EnglishNames.cfg file.

Well, it looks like you're working in French, in which case I would guess you need to modify the FrenchNames.cfg file.
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Old 04-30-2018, 05:37 AM   #3
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Hello Sailor Steve

I have already translated FrenchNames.cfg but it is not that.

The information i want to translate is when you put the periscope on the detected object. This information just says which type of unit it is (tanker, cargo boat, destroyer...) but without giving its class or it precise identification. You have, after, to find it on recon manual or with weapon officer's help.

I hope that you understand what I want to say because it is not easy for me in English

But, in data/sea/[ship folder] i have see in [ship folder name].cfg one information that could be what i want... it is "UnitType=X"

I have seen that for all PT Boat (us, gb, italians and germans), X = 0
Tanker seems to be 101 ...

How can i translate this?
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Old 04-30-2018, 02:29 PM   #4
Hebe Vollmaus
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From the Picture i assume this is GWX.
So this may be GWX3. With Option "Manual Targeting" (or something like that). With this Option activated you will only see the Class-Name in Periscope-View in the red marked position in the picture. A deep search in SH3_GWX3-installation-drawer for a cfg-file which contain "Patrol Craft" will find SH3\data\Roster\English.cfg.
So i assume you are not use the french-Language from GWX, but English.

If Manual Targeting is not activated, then you will see the Names from SH3\data\Air...Sea...Land...\EnglishNames.cfg in the red marked area.

These Names in there may not longer then 27 signs if they has to be seen also in the Navigation-Map.

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