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Originally Posted by Philipp_Thomsen View Post
You're missing the point. We are perfectly aware that no company will make
such a game and we've been working around the issue for the past two decades.

The important thing is moddability, if such word exists.

Stock vanilla SH3 is, for me, unplayable.
But I and many other great modders worked hard on it - and we still do -
and after 12 years of modding the game is better than most AAA studios would dare tackling.

The thing is, we're here working day and night, not for profit, but for passion. You can't compete with that.
A studio has to balance production cost and time frame, has to make compromises. We don't. We strive for perfection at any cost.

Sure we have less tools, but you'd be amazed with some wonders that were achieved from hex-editing files,
improving the game in ways that would otherwise be impossible. Developers are not higher in the food-chain,
we have some extraordinary people modding games for free, doing outstanding work.

So, want your game to sell more and please more people? Make it as moddable as possible.
Mods are the reason why PC games are 1000x more fun than console games.

Build a closed-game that is what it is, and regardless of how good it is, it will eventually die.
Build a platform instead, open to modding, and decades down the line you'll still be selling copies.

A closed-game will never be THE perfect game to anyone.
But when you can mod it to your tastes? It can be THE perfect game to EVERYONE.
I agree, and most likely so does Julhelm and KFG. They are striving to make Cold Waters as moddable as possible, after all.
Shadow's Cold Waters mods (JSGME-friendly)
= Longer Campaigns: Epic Edition
= Longer Campaigns: Marathon Edition
= 500-yard MAD range
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