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Kapitan Herr Lugar
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Default Grid patrol penalty?

Question, if you do not successfully patrol your grid according to orders,
are you penalized or does it effect reknown?
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Sailor Steve
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You get a certain amount of renown if you complete those assignments. It has been argued that you can earn more renown by not wasting time in a grid you know is empty. I prefer to carry out "real" orders, so I stay in the grid for a week and then roll a die to see if I stay another. I've had complete patrols where I didn't sink a single ship.

I'm weird that way, though.

Also, if you use GWX you don't get that renown anyway.
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Grey Wolf
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SH5 is totally different in this regard, but in SH3 I have never seen increased enemy traffic in my assigned mission quadrant or anything special not happening outside of it. They are just orders given to you and it doesn't matter gameplay-wise I think.

That beeing said, with some special mods it may be that you are sent via radio messages to some location with enemy units , this is much more of an opportunity (but chances are I'm confusing it with SH5 which I play a lot recently).
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