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Default A CASE TO SUPPORT American Merchant Marine Veterans

Although not a State-sider, I think those of you who are might wish to support this.

Links in the final paragraph of that article.
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Sailor Steve
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Hear! Hear!

There is no reason that men who served some of the deadliest duty of that war should be ignored because the didn't officially join the armed forces. They deserve as much respect and credit as anyone who was there.

Thanks for the heads-up. Done and done.
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Most definitely a worthy cause.

Not too dissimilar but my father served in the merchant navy and sailed in the Russian convoys (one of the voyages being the only one ever without an escort).

The UK government never recognised the brave feats of these men by striking a medal as they had done for other areas of the conflict the Atlantic Star to name one.

It wasn't until 1982 that the Russians struck a medal and my father had it presented to him by the Russian Ambassador in Newcastle.

It was over twenty years later that an aquaintance of mine who was the UK Foreign Secretary managed to obtain a small lapel badge for my father and others to wear.

So much for a governments gratitude one could say.

I sincerely hope this sorry state of affairs is quickly rectified.
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