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Onkel Neal
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Default List of Silent Hunter III Mods & Utilities(Updated Aug.10, 2008)

Initial post, we will try to make a new list of links to the posts in this forum that have the latest SH3 mods.

IF YOU CREATE A NEW SH3 MOD OR UTILITY, you will may want to make a brand new post with the [REL] Name of your mod here in this SH3 Mods Workshop forum. Once you do that, could you also make a reply in this thread with the title and link of your [REL] mod name thread. That would help.

We will also add that mod to the list in this post. thanks!

To unzip RAR or 7z files:
Just go here and download the file of your choice (English if that is your preference). It´s like Winzip...

Don´t know how to install a mod? Look here.
( taken from SH4 ^^^, but the same principles apply )

Please Note: Newer mods for the most part are at the top end of each list.


JScones ( next three )
SH3 Patrol Log Editor plug-in
[REL] SH3 Commander Release 3.1 is now available!

[REL] MenuModInstaller.exe, a gift for gui modders!
DanFrasers' Game Mover
Silent 3ditor
Mini Tweaker with SH3 and SH4 tweak files
Sh3Gen Here( New Version )
Modding tools- files, graphics,documents & system utilities

Mod packs

Official Supermods Threads GWX-NYGM-WAC-Über

Gameplay mods

[REL] STzSinkingShipsFix
[REL] VIIC Fuel Economy Mod
[REL] WB News Network
[REL] RadioLog_Expanded v2 w/daily doubles
REL IXBG V2 for SH3 1.4 "Vanilla" 2 x 105mm
[REL] GWX 2.1 Mission Orders Lite
[REL] Lehmann International News
[REL] Longer Repair Times v2.0 Final
[REL] GWX 2.1 Warning Orders
[REL] GWX 2.1 Mission Orders
[REL] France to Med mod for GWX 2.1
[REL] GWX 2.1 bugfix
[REL]Thomsen's No Instant DeathScreen Mod V1.3
[REL] Increased ASW (revised )
[REL] GWX Mission orders
[REL]Task Force 1.0 Mod
[REL] Lite Radio Traffic v1
[REL]Visual and Hydrophone detection issue: a new workaround
GWX2 - RealWeatherFix Mod
[REL] Camera mod for SH3
[REL] DanFrasers' SpySat Modder
[REL] Flooding times in zones.cfg
[REL]SH3/4 Weather Report + RealWeatherFix mod.
[REL] GWX 2.0 better Onlinegaming Mod
[RELZ] HydroSonarRoomPlotMod
[rel] Church's Observation scope V2 Reworked for GWX 2.0
[REL] GWX2 - No RING RING Mod by Melendir
[REL] GWX 2.0 Graf Zeppelin Fix
[REL] Fixed Ship Collision Damage v1.0 Test
[REL] SHContacts11. Small but important change.
[REL] Variable Renown for GWX 2.0
[REL] Start at Sea v1.0
[REL] Realistic torpedo mod v1.2
[REL] Super torpedo's and weaker aircraft

Interface/Visual mods

[REL] Imperial Germany Mod - IGM
[REL] Stock Binocular View for OLC Ubermod 2.4.2
[REL] Contact Fix for OLC Ubermod 2.4.2
[REL] Red Nightime Nav Map
[REL]Yet another green atlantic above & below - Murky!
[REL] TrampSteamerFix and CleanNavMap 1.0
[REL] Alt Msg Font v1
[REL] Periscopes TDC 1.0
[REL] OLC-Gui Special (OLCUM) and My Favourite Dials: merged
[REL] Tuddley's Cursors
[REL]Pompey 1939 subemblem
[REL] correct interior diving angles( Stock )
[Rel] Type II /A /D Interior lighting mod
Simple Intro screen - Atlantic Winter
Some SH3 Wallpaper...
Simple Intro screen - Atlantic Winter
[REL] Pillau terrain mod
(REL) LOCKS_Brunsbuettel and Holtenau
[REL]Racerboys SH4 effects (and more) for GWX 2.1 MOD
(REL) NEW_LSH3_3.0_LoadingScreens by trainer1942/nautilus42
[REL] OLC Ubermod 2.0 (OLCE2) for GWX 2.1
[REL] Randomized Loading Screens
[REL] Men@work Uniform Mod
[REL] Torpedo trail and wake fix
[REL] electric torpedo trail fix
[REL] Stop the rain! A definitive solution
[RELZ] HydroSonarRoomPlotMod
U-Boat 1.2 Released
Marhkimovs Super Smoke
(REL) Realistic Torpedo Damage Mod
[REL] Light nights for 16k atmosphere - beta.
[REL] Water Stream for Uboats!
[REL] Das Boot Intro Movies English and German
[REL] Red Nightime Nav Map
[REL] OLC Environment
(REL) Umark in various colors
[REL] SH4 effects (and more) for SH3
(REL) LSH3 is ready for Download
[REL] OLC - Sale - Kombimod : Big Dials for OLC-GUI 1.2.3 for GWX 2.0
[REL] Undersea_MOD by nautilus42
[REL]Combined Scene and atmosphere including 8 & 16k and GWX 2
[REL] English to German Names Converted for OLC GUI GWX 2.0/2.1 etc.
(REL) LOCK_Holtenau
[REL] Officers Faces - by THORN.
[REL] Another sub-themed wallpaper...
[REL] Open hatch in the CommandRoom!
[REL] OLC - Sale - Kombimod : Big Dials for OLC-GUI 1.2.1 for GWX 2.0
[FIX] 6 Dials - Simfeeling Mod + 6 Dials- Simfeeling Mod!
New Intro Screen ( GWX )...
[REL]U-jagd tools mod 1.3
Real Navigation Mod files - FINAL
[REL] New loading screens
[REL] Blue Menu Mod
[REL]Yet another green atlantic above & below - Murky!
Torpedo damage Mod Final version
FLB Sale's Slideout 4 Dials Mod!
[REL] OLC - Sale - Kombimod : Big Dials for OLC-GUI 1.1.4 Stock and 1.2.1 Stock
14 new "Intro" from film "U-571".
[rel] New Loading Screen
[REL] Combination for U-boat + OLC GUI
[REL] JonZ/GWX Dragable Stopwatch for OLC
**Mod Release** Longer Wakes
[REL] Random GWX Propaganda Posters in Radioroom
[REL] Lutzow's Officers Faces - 3 Sets
[MOD Release] Integrated TDC & Slideout Compass for GWX
[REL] Redmask Version For OLC's GUI (GWX only)

** If you see anything that may be out of place above, post and let us know and
we will do our best to fix it.

Would you like to join my Wolfpack crew? Friend me on STEAM, my username is SUBSIM.
Good hunting and don't forget to close the hatch!

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