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Originally Posted by Cyborg322 View Post
The thing with using Manual TDC is there are a lot of options for the various calculations needed for the firing solutions. Watching video tutorials is a good way to learn but it needs to take this into account

Some methods need more practise some look more complicated than they actually are

For a beginner it is probably best to just focus on 1 aspect at a time watching a lot of video tutorials can be overwhelming and can give a false impression as to the complexity of using Manual TDC

Anyone trying out any of the SH series has options as to how steep they want the learning curve to be. Thing like getting the hang of the RAOBF disc can be done after learning the basics which have not really changed since the early versions of SH and the modded version of SH5 is not necessarily more difficult to pick up than the Vanilla

I really cannot see much value in learning how SH should be done by starting with Auto TDC very little can be learnt and passed over other than maybe just getting used to keybindings and controlling the sub

The whole concept of Silent Hunter is that it is a Sim, it is designed that way the only reason there is an option for Auto TDC is to drag in a few more sales for anyone who wants to invest zero time learning how it should be done and they are in a tiny minority

Bluntly put Silent Hunter is simply not for the impatient but it does not need a Diploma in Advanced Mathematics either. Making Mistakes and missing targets at first are all part of the learning process

With the right approach it is easy to take onboard all that is needed for a very mentally Stimulating Rewarding and Satisfying SubSim

The argument that there needs to be an easy version for beginners is in my opinion very weak unnecessary and to a degree futile. Get a Pen and paper make some notes as you go on and its easy to pick up including the more advanced features

awesome Reply and well said!
Captain AJ

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Good reply no doubt. I happen to have played all SH series except SH2 which I own but didn't play for long as SH3 came out. And SH5 after a long time when I realized that it could finally be played decently.

I notice that in all SH games, there is Auto TDC and the option to deactivate or activate contacts on the map.

You are right by saying that not much can be learned with Auto TDC, but what would have happened in terms of game success if these options were not included, have you thought about this? I think this sim game would not have had such a success because much less abordable for the average gamer. I also think that amongst the many gamers, first they did play Auto TDC to pass to Manual TDC, a thing they would never have done if Auto TDC was not included...Auto TDC has just woken-up their interest in the game. So it's a good thing that Auto TDC is in the game
And then, learning is not everything, it's a game, not just a sim, at least this is also a valid viewpoint and fully reflects the opinion of one of the poster above who wants to use his spare time as well as he can. Everyone at his own pace...This game is a Marathon, not a sprint.

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Hi Guys
I think Manual Targeting (MT) contains some sort of fear factor for some players.
Look at MT in the most simplistic of operations.
U-Boat position 800 to 1000 metres at 90 degrees to the targets course line.
Set the periscope bearing on 0 degrees and enter 90 degrees port or starbord as AOB.

The one thing you have to know is the targets speed or you can wing it.
If you are using map contacts then that is quick an easy to do.

Range is not required at these distances although a range needs to be entered in to the TDC.
The torpedoes speed selected will determine how far off the periscopes 0 degrees bearing the firing bearing will be.

You do not need to identify the target.
The torps are setup speed and depth.
Lock the target.
Move the periscope so both gyro angles are at 0 degrees.
When the target enters the cross hairs Fire and result unless a dud.
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