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Default Black Sea Radio-Messages log

The mod adds almost 500 radio messages ( in English language ) for the Black Sea Campaign .

To use it : in the game folder / data / Campaign - rename your messages_en file and copy this one .

When i started to make this radio-messages file, the main goal was to translate ( from Russian into English ) the messages from Poul's excellent BLACK SEA. «30 Unterseebootflottille» mod for GWX , especially now (at the time of this post) that Poul's mod will be imported in the WAC 5.02 Black Sea Campaign. As the work progressed i decided to expand this much further and i added :

- lots of extra new entries for each patrol with details according to the historical data, in some cases ( where i had access ) i used the original radio messages of the time .

- entries from Admiral Black Sea's War Diary

- radio messages for the three patrols made by Romanian Royal Navy's submarines NMS Rechinul and NMS Marsuinul in 1944. Few people know about these two modern Axis submarines

- other miscellaneous entries like, for example, the rocket-launching test that was performed in June-July 1944,

- all kind of small trivia details from the patrols, etc.

Considering the smaller scale of this theater of operations, this is more that just a collection of messages, they also tell a story about this lesser-known U-Flotilla.

If you don't want to break immersion, i suggest NOT picking for your U-boat any of the six numbers that took part in the Black Sea campaign : U9, 18, 19 , 20, 23, 24 since there will be lots of messages between their commanders and 30-th Flotilla HQ .

For those who want to use it with basic GWX Black Sea Campaign, just ignore those " special missions" that you receive .

I hope you will enjoy it, it took me more than a month to put it together .


Link for download :

I uploaded the mod on the forum :


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Awesome, can't wait for the black sea campaing
And for you
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This will be a great immersion boost!!!
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I am playing with U9, i hope be abble to play her in Black sea and use your great work!

and having time to translate it in Fr^^
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Nicely done sir! Like the additional immersion this mod adds and appreciate the time you put in on it.

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