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For convenience, I have long created a folder Screenshots in the main directory, but moved the images there manually. Now you can forget about it. Laziness is the engine of progress.
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Another comfort addition ,now all pics at their folder

Thank you for sharing
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Mediafire page:
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Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
Not much time for SH3 lately, but here I made something to enhance my game.
I sail hardcore way. Without my boat on map, I use dead reckoning and coastal navigation. Deep in the sea, except dead reckoning, two or three time per day I make fixes by ctrl+left click, if the sky objects are visible.
First, look over this thread by Sjizzle:Long / lat.

Tycho, do you have an idea how to set board clock to GMT? In this debug screen with coordinates GMT is presented.

Ingame problem with celestial navigation is, that when you start mission, board clock is set to time in nautical timezone where you actualy start (so for example if you are in Kiel, your board clock are set to zone GMT +1.

Second problem - when you load previously saved game, the board clock is reset to time of the actual nautical timezone where your uboat is.
I can live with this, but if there is any possibility how to fix board clock to GMT, it will be very nice.

And second question - do you have any idea how star sky is represented in SH3?

Why I'm asking? I seen the 3D model of hemisphere, it is real "halfball", but what i don't know from where are the stars taken to project it on this spere. And im asking for it, because i created sun almanak for SH3 world, but i can't create star almanak for celestial navigation. This information about exact position of stars is somewhere in SH3 world hidden, but i don't know where. If i will be able to get this info, i can create star almanak corresponding to SH3 world.

In north hemisphere i'm using Polaris when im under 50 deg. When im in higher latitude i use Perkhad when is exactly under Polaris.

In SH3 universe is Perkhad exactly 20 deg (+- so little bit, that you are not able measure it anyway) from Polaris. Measuring of angle bigger as 50 degrees is problem because of camera distorsion, which can't be completely removed. I'm able only precisely know how distorsion looks like, so can create precision degree scale for sextant. For transatlantic traveling it is precisely enough, but longitude is bigger problem and is not acurate enough.

Just imagine, that 1 minute of time is error of 1/4 deg, so it means, that error is 15 NM, that means 30 km in SH3 world. With unacurancy of measuring and unacurancy of 10 deg scale of sun almanak, there is no problem to have error +- 200 km in longitude. Again - for transatlantic travel it can be enough, but in other way it is absolutly unusable. Just imagine, that you need to set course for attacking some convoy and you know your position with precision +- 200 km.... Absolutly unusable.
(for coastal navigation im working on mod with about 2000 lighthouses and lightboats)

3 stars measuring solution can be reason for this. If i can dig out the star data from game somehow...

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