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Default Heh

One yera ago I talk you... your game are arcade game. No simulator... And? Nothing. Silent depth is dead. Because is no simulator. No update. Its have more bugs. Thanks for hope but its imposible simulator for phone. I

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Originally Posted by FAQ
Do not use *******ing w*rds with aster*cks, that's the same thing as vulgar languge
kindly observe the forum posting rule if U please...Sir.
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So... your beloved Dangerous Waters is dead then as well because it did not get updates for over a decade now. Is that your logic? Really?

seba, believe it or not, we still work on it. But yeah, it's hard time wise. You know (well probably you do NOT know) having a family with kids and a quite time consuming job it's always a bit difficult to plan progress ahead (and financially it's not worth it at all).

I still don't get what your point is here. You made it very clear that you don't like our game. I'm fine with that. There are people out there who like it. But it's often the case that single complainers make more noise than the satisfied crowd. Anyway, I offer you again that you get your money back so you can buy a pizza. Drop me your PayPal address and I will send it immediately.
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Originally Posted by Xaron View Post
But it's often the case that single complainers make more noise than the satisfied crowd.

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