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Samurai Navy
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Default Need help

Does anyone re call that there was a method of intercepting convoys when they are over 552 nm from your boat . I re-cal that there was a post about that subject and I cannot find that . if anyone can re-cal that post here I would greatly apprecaite that help in locating this .. thanks for your help
Captain AJ

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Plot an intercept course. Just remember with that distance, it's subject to large errors.
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Rockin Robbins
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In my experience convoys that far away are just reports. Usually they are erroneous reports and you just spend enormous amounts of time and fuel to not find anything. Ultra reports can be given more credibility but I only chase them if they're less than 12 hours away.
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500+ NM seems like a long shot indeed. But it would depend on how fast the target is moving along his course. And how many curve-balls the campaign designer put into the unit waypoint-scripting. If the contact is bobbing along a 1 kts forward speed towards you then your sub should be able to close the distance in reasonable time at max speed. But realistically?

[EDIT] My reasoning is that by going (really) slow, the uncertain location of the target (due to it's course uncertainty mainly) is still relatively confined. Within 24 hours this should still fit inside hydrophone coverage. If it moves along at a regular transit speed the uncertain course cone disperses out to a wide arc. Obviously the latter is more likely encountered.

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... and if in FotRSU, the "time" factor of when the report comes in varies significantly from report to report. The Time Compression you're using at the time of the report coming in can really throw things off. Add to that, some are immediate reports, some are a day old or more. We haven't begun to attempt to emulate an "Ultra" system, other than what AOTD_MadMax had.

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