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[FAQ] The briefings look "broken" - is there any Briefing-Editor around?

The parameters-option in ME1 and ME2 leads to what we multiplayers see as "no overview at all" and "messed up briefings", broken in the lines

- Formatting of text ist impossible in ME1 and ME2 (=MissionEditor (V1 and V2 called "X2")
- display limits (65 chars + 1 space) are not met by ME1 and ME2

So...before I start to code that again: Is there such a tool?

Apparently not, so I started the code yesterday and the basic functions already work and here it is...

Not much more is needed. It already converts the text to meet the SH3-standards, loads and saves the stuff.

I release it as ALPHA-Version:

Current internal working version: -none-
DOWNLOAD Latest Version: 0.12 ALPHA
Last Change 20140703
Size of Executable: 51,200 Bytes
MD5Sum of Executable: a1f36d47c9c76358242c8541736be4d7
Status: ALPHA

If there is positive reception and demand for another version, I might add the luxury-eye-candy-stuff...

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"Contact automatic report : Im not 100% sure about this but i think its the percentage chance that the ship will report seeing an enemy, and call for help. Though i could be wrong, just dont mess with this setting "

And i believe that it relates with the fact that the ship or the group will give its coordinates by radio and it will place a mapnote of him on you map.
I thinks it's this cause it happened, and perhaps you can set the lap of time the ship let between two radio transmition of his location.

"Is saveable : Again dont know what this is really but just leave it ticked."

In fact i believe if unticked, the unit in question will not be saved in the mis file once you File->Save.
Only "savable" units will be saved in the mission file.
This probably have to deal with the mergine that allows you to import inside you file the content of other mission files.


Select the time tool ("11:11"), then the ship/group and zoom in a bit, then you see the ETA for each waypoint.


[REL] SH3 Mission Editor Users Guide

One of the great things about SH3 is that the developers shipped the mission-builder with the game itself. That allows the players to build their own missions. However, like most game utilities, the developers are under no commercial pressure to provide documentation or tutorials on how to use their tools.

Of course, there is a manual of sorts that came with the editor, and various forums and websites have discussed the details. But there has not been a systematic attempt at producing any comprehensive documentation.

The SH3 Mission Editor users Guide is an attempt to write a full manual for the editor. It contains the following:
  • A complete step-by-step tutorial for those new to the editor.
  • A section on how to generate multiplayer games.
  • An explanation of the editor concepts.
  • A trouble-shooting section, describing the problems you might encounter and how to fix them.
  • Detailed examples of how to implement sophisticate scripting with triggers, objectives and events.
  • Information about how to spawn and delete units from the game
  • A full reference section, describing every single menu item and hotkey option
  • Hints and tips on how to generate good missions

The latest version is v15, 18-Jun-2009. We have given up trying to use FileFront, as we find the service far too unreliable. Instead, we have made the manual primarily available from the download page at BtS: (look for the Mission Editor Users' Guide link there). When BtS was temporarily offline, the old link in this thread broke. Here is a new link...

If you have any feedback on the manual, or suggestions for new sections for future versions, please let us know.

Please note that the manual may be freely hosted or distributed in its original form by anyone without permission. You do not need to ask to put a free copy of this PDF file on your website or e-mail it to friends. You may NOT charge money for it... it is free to the community.

Originally Posted by Graf Paper View Post
I'd be happy to upload here for you h.sie but I'm not certain if the guys at Nordfront prefer to be the sole distributors of the manual.

I don't think there would be an issue with that, since past versions of Dietrich's work have always been freely available and distributed.

Can a representative from 17.Flotille give confirmation on that?

You do NOT need permission to distribute the original manual (via a website, forum, e-mail, etc.). As far as the group is concerned, anyone may host it or make it available. We do NOT need to be the sole distributors. If someone wants to upload it here at, feel free.

You DO need permission if you wish to alter it. Please do not change the contents of the manual without checking first. If you want to make suggestions/additions/corrections, it is best to get in touch with us.

You may NOT charge money for it. This is FREE to the community.

We have also updated the original post to make this clear. If things are still unclear, please ask.

The Nordfront Development Team
17. Unterseebootsflottille »Nordfront«

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[FAQ] How do you add a player sub

In the submarine's Properties... window, there is a checkbox labelled "Human Control". For some reason, it is off by default (one of those little things you forget to fix when you test the editor, I guess).

Check the check-box, and all will be well.

Oh, and just something that fooled me: Just that the mission title shows up when you're Validating the mission, does not mean that the mission title is flawed somehow. It's just a header for reference.
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[FAQ] How do you you randomize target speed

From the first waypoint create two or more "parallel" routes with different speedsettings. The first waypoint gets certain probabilities to loop to the following waypoints.
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