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Default Games are fun, but principles are better.

Hi *.*

I know I don't participate much in the forums, although I'm a long-time active reader and have contributed twice to Subsim. I'm an Army brat that grew up living on various bases and have always been attracted to subs ever since seeing my first one. I first started with SubSims playing GATO on my Apple IIe, and have continued playing and supporting the Silent Hunter series.

I was ready to run out and purchase SHV until I learned of it's very draconian, and impractical DRM. I am willing to put up with certain level of checks and balances, but this is going too far. I was taught if I firmly believe in something I should be willing to stand up for it.

Well, I was tested this past weekend. My wife, knowing my love of SH, heard me talking about the new version and surprised me with a copy that she had purchased from our local GameStop store. As nice as that was, I explained to her about the DRM and that I was going to take it back. It was tough... all weekend I looked at that box and wanted to open it. I read the various reviews from the nice folks here and was still on the fence. Then, I realized if I opened this box, I would be compromising my principles and encouraging UBI to continue this practice. I took it back Monday and told them why. They told me it wasn't the first refusal of a UBI game in their store.

It may be the best game in the world. But I don't feel comfortable paying $50 for a game, that really isn't mine. That, should I want to play it on my laptop in some distant location, I have to be tied to the internet to prove I paid for the game. Also, I can bet you they're not just "saving" your games, but UBI is analyzing your game play, creating profiles and using this information for commercial purposes - which is fine, but I didn't sign up for that. I want to pay my money for game, that I can play anywhere, anytime. Nothing more, nothing less.

I recently had a similar experience with Steam. I had played the heck out of some games, and was ready to give them up. In the past, I would sell old games so that I could purchase new games (although I can't let go of my Sub games!). Even though I paid full retail price at a store for a boxed version of a game, because they required a Steam account to play, I was informed by Steam, I really don't own these games, Steam does, and I cannot resell them.

From Steam:
"Thank you for contacting Steam Support. It is against the Steam Subscriber Agreement to sell games using Steam Accounts. Per the Steam Subscriber Agreement, Steam game subscriptions / CD keys are nontransferable and cannot be moved between Steam accounts."

The funny thing is, I DIDN'T ask for a "Steam" account. I only play single player and I receive no benefit of a Steam account, other than being forced to prove to Steam that I paid for the game. To me, UBI is doing the same thing. It just seems fundamentally anti-consumer.

Since then, I have been very particular about what I purchase, and SHV falls into that category of games I cannot support. And yes, I know it's ONLY a game, but if someone doesn't make a stand on this, what's next?

One day I'm afraid our whole systems will consist of TPM and DRM. We won't even be able to change keyboards without approval from the manufacturer.

I really haven't explored SH4 that much, so I'm revisiting SH3 and 4 and having a lot of fun. Perhaps one day, if SHV hits the bargain shelf I'll consider it.

Thanks for putting up with my rant... NEXT?
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