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Default 1942 torpedo crisis nygm


Still playing the nygm mod with the hie and stiebler patches. A question though, I am currently in october 1942... I am severely crippled and my hull would probably look like a swiss cheese. I am trying to get back to base. I was spotted by a destroyer and tried to attack it by diving and firing a spread of torpedo's (magnetic pistols).

All 4 went down to 25m depth. Survived the first salvo of depth charges and turned to fire 2 rear torps, these also went down to 25m. In the documentation file it say's that after june 42 the duds would be 10%. Is it still normal that 6/6 torpedo's fail on a regular basis? I read some work on the battle of the atlantic and this amount of failings just looks a bit much comared to reality??

Or am I wrong?

PS: another small problem is that I cant seem to set my torps to impact pistol only. when I click the switch, I hear the click but the switch does not move.

Thx for the repply's
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Obltn Strand
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You just had bad luck with your torps, that's all. If you had played lottery winnigs would have been big.

Switch is handeld in NYGM thread.
Himmel, sukeltakaa!
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Old 04-21-2017, 02:41 AM   #3
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You can change the reliability of torpedoes in the H.sie fix by opening up file hsie.ini and changing the values listed there. The file lists the limits for the new values.

[Copied from the NYGM main thread.]
Restore magnetic/impact pistol switch in NYGM.
This was removed by Der Teddy Bar (fixed magnetic switch) in order to simulate the unreliability of torpedoes early in the war. Therefore I do not recommend that you change this mod.
However... if you are also using H.sie's hard-code patch, which also makes the torpedoes less reliable, then probably it is better to allow the magnetic/impact pistol switch again.
Locate file Data\Menu\Cfg\Dials.cfg (make a back-up somewhere).
Open Dials.cfg in Notepad and search for 'DIAL_TORP_PISTOL' - there should be four entries, numbered differently depending on whether you are using the original NYGM optics, or the same file in Hitman's Optics mod, which is supplied as part of the NYGM_2017A package in folder 'Documentation'. (Hitman's Optics is much superior to the stock system.)

For these four search hits, change the associated value of DialVal=45,45 to DialVal=-45,45. That is all that is required.
Hitman's Optics mod included with NYGM_2017A already includes the change of the four DialVals to -45,45.

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Thx! for the reply!
Were do I locate this file?
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