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Icon7 Something I have ready to upload..

If anyone's interested and one of the mods shows me what to do to upload a zip file.

Its a long RA mission (12 hours + of in-game time) where you navigate from the Pacific to Bremerton, Wa through the straits of Juan De Fuca and Puget Sound.

Why on earth would you want to do that?

Its simple, good drivers make good hunters. Knowing when to turn is as important as knowing which direction. Besides, this is also like a sandbox if you're rusty in DW or you just want to check out what may have changed in newer versions of RA. It also shows why sailors enjoy strong coffee, you'll need to balance boredom with good planning over a long haul. Or, just kick back and enjoy the view. The straits and Puget Sound are a great place to visit.

For the DW newb's, use it to figure out (or at least get a handle on) how the game works. What's the difference between Hide Truth and Show Truth? Why and when should you drop contacts? Why are you about to run into a buoy when you know it isn't there? How does your auto crew really work? How can you make them better? Why does DW give you the option of taking manual control of the rudder? What are the effective ranges of your sensors and when is one senor better than another? You can read about it and watch vids or you can try it for yourself. In this mission you don't need to sink anything and there's nothing trying to sink you. There's nothing to "win" besides cold beer and hot steak on the patio in Bremerton. You just need to get there, first.
You're also encouraged to use this mission in DW's Mission Editor to goof around. Add more details if you want, add another drive-able platform or more ship traffic. Play around with currents and winds. See what goes into writing a script.


Accurate light house and channel buoy placement.

Text labels of important spots.

"Mostly" accurate placement of CFB Esquimalt, the home of Canada's Pacific fleet plus some car ferry traffic between Victoria, BC and Port Angeles, Wa.

Accurate placement of Joint Base Kitsap (Bremerton Navy Base and Trident Base Bangor**) and NAS Whidbey Island. If CVNs and Ohios can make those turns in real life, you should be able to do it in DW.
Bremerton is the home to CVNs and two of the three Seawolf class boats.
Bangor is the home port of west coast Tridents and the USS J Carter.

**- Bangor is included but you just can't get there from here, at least in DW's world map. I haven't tried it yet, but I don't think even an FFG could make it.

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Sounds interesting...

I don´t know how to upload to subsim but you could upload it to
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