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Default LuftWolf and Amizaur's Weapons and Sensors Realism Mod

Here is the readme. I will create a thread in the Mod Workshop for bugs and suggestions, feel free to use this thread for compliments and praise. I will send the v1.0 distribution to Bill after I get some coffee. :|\

LuftWolf and Amizaur's Weapons and Sensors "One Stop Fix" Mod v1.0
Hosted by Subguru
Readme by LuftWolf

Amizaur has contributed equally to this project. Thank you to finiteless for his general
contribution to modding DW. Thank you to Bill "Subguru" Nichols for hosting the work of so
many talented modders and mission designers.

The purpose of this mod is, straightforwardly, to address the aspects of DW gameplay that
most bother its authors, while improving the simulation experience and fixing bugs, without
introducing any new ones. Thank you in advancing for downloading this mod. Please send as
much feedback as you can via the dedicated thread in the Subsim DW Mod Workshop forum.

INSTALLATION: Unzip the file into your Dangerous Water directory, the Database files and
Doctrine files will install to the appropriate directories on their own. I recommend backing
up your Database and Doctrine folders before making any changes.

Please note, all values included here are actual Database values, and may not correspond
to real-life parameters, including those left unchanged and listed accurately in the in-game


Database Changes:

Akula I/II--

53cm Torpedo- given UGST specifications: Active/Passive Multipurpose Wireguided Torpedo,
30km@50kph, with maximum depth 800m (less on fire-control preset panel) with
300kg warhead (vs. MK48 ADCAP 850m depth w/350kg warhead).

65cm Torpedo- guidance sensor and doctrine changed to simulate 65-76 Wakehoming Hydrogen Peroxide-powered Torpedo (the type supposedly removed after the Kursk
Incident). All specifications have been left the same except guidance-following
the wakehome doctrine now-and the the wire has been removed. The wire-guidance
option has been disable in-game, but I can't change the fire-control graphics,
so you'll just have to remember that the A/P and search pattern buttons do
nothing, and that the torpedo will continue in a straigh line after it enables.
LAUNCH THE TORPEDO WITH THE DEPTH SET AT ~10m, depending on how lucky you feel
that day. The Nixie should not affect this weapon in any way, but over-the-side
decoys will cause enough of a disturbance in the water to distrupt the
wakehoming, but the torpedo will not detonate on the CM's, and usually

SS-N-27 ASM-BETA- Changed to a two stage weapon, to simulate it's two phase-attack and evasive maneovering. The final stage of the weapon has a maximum range of 20000m (11nm), meaning that the launch stage (which drops the attack stage) must enable between
2nm and 11nm, to allow the missle enough time to acquire within its range.
Practically, this means that the missle can engage targets between ~6nm (4nm
enable, 2nm attack) and 119nm (108nm max range to enable first stage, 11nm max
range for attack stage). It is best to enable the weapon as far from the
target as possible to expose as little of the "slow" stage to ship defenses.
Note, at about 16nm before enable point, the missle will pop up to 300ft and
enable for 10 seconds, then return to seaskimming altitude of 30ft. This
simulates an acquisition phase of the actual missle, but may give the target
a good chance of tracking the incoming vampire. Note, after playing around with
the new SS-N-27, my impressions are: you have to employ more skill to use
it, as you only have a 11nm window; if you use it right, you can get the super-
sonic stage to launch just as the first SAM approach your missles, making this
an even more deadly anti-ship missle, when used with skill.

Akula II Passive Sound Levels- I have set the volume levels of the two Akula II's equal to
the quieter one (between the 688(i) and the Seawolf). Previously, the Vepr' was
slightly quieter than the Gepard. In some sense, this is personal perference,
but it seems to make sense, given that all other ships of the same class
have the same in-game specs, as far as I know.

Surface Ships--

Russian SVTT-Ship Launched Torpedos- Changed to USET-80, to better reflect Russian
capabilites. Note, only Russian SVTT launchers previously
equipped with 53cm torpedos have been changed, some launchers are equipped
with other torpedos. Also, the Grisha FFL retains the 53cm Torpedo w/UGST
specifications, as the USNR in-game database says its launchers have
been modified to fire wire-guided torpedos, so I thought it might
be interesting.

Radar Heights Changed-BETA- Some radar heights have been lowered, as previously some ships had been able to see too far over the horizon. Also, the minimum altitude
of the AEGIS SPY-1 Radar has been lowered from 5000ft to 10ft, which should
help them better track sea-skimming vampires.


688(i) Towed Arrays- Added TB-23 as starboard array. The reason I have kept it
on the starboard, against what is commonly reported, is because in missions
where ownship starts with TA deployed, it is always the starboard array, and I
figured in most situations I would want that one deployed. The port TB-16
washes out at ~20kts and the TB-23 washes out at around ~16kts (you folks
can tell me if that feels right once you play around with it...
or if I'm just completely off...). I have set the sensitivity of the TB-23
to be pretty much in the middle of the TB-16 and the TB-29. I was even able to
change the names in game, so have fun captains!


SLMM and Mobile Mine--Includes Doctrine Files
A fix that makes them stop making noise after they have stopped moving has been
applied to both weapons. In addition, they will now actively try to stop once
they have reached their assigned location and will be reliably on target and hold
their position, making them an effective weapon, which they were not before. Their
maximum usable depth remains the same (300ft for SLMM and 450ft for Mobile mines,
the range of their seekers), but the weapon will shutdown below 600ft. These weapons
are for use in shallow water and will "malfunction" in deep water. ;-) Also, do not
try to use these weapons on a steep slope.

Missle Parameters--

Passive Signature for Underwater Missle Launch--
All sub-launched missles now produce a very noisy transient when launched and a TIW
warning (I believe). The exception to this is the Harpoon, which is much quieter,
simulating its launch from a canister which opens up once it gets to the surface,
making it a better option verse the TASM than previously.

IR Signatures-
IR signatures added for all missles based on type, with a reasonable scaling from
seaskimming cruise-missles to supersonic, rocket powered anti-ship missles. This now
makes RAMs effective against anti-ship missles.

Amizaur's MANPAD Seeker Fix-
We have included the fix that has been around for sometime, reducing the seeker cone
of MANPADs to 3 degrees.


Included in this "One Stop" Distribution, are a compilation of doctrine files that improve
DW and provide compatibility for this mod, all done by Amizaur.

MissleSkim54E-- Doctrines are necessary for Two Stage SS-N-27 ASM.

SLMM-- Necessary for SLMM/Mobile Mine fix.

SubAvoid...-- Doctrines correct a bug in sub evasion routines that tells them to come too
shallow while evading, causing cavitation. Well tested.

Missle/MissleSam-- Corrects minor bugs in missle function. Well tested.

Subroc Attack.txt-- Improves accuracy of Subroc torpedo drop points.

Torpedo.txt- randomizes the left/right of Snake search pattern.

CIWSAttack.txt-ALPHA- Directs ships to fire a barrage of missles at "hard" targets, very close or very fast. It is your choice to include this, you can backup
your original CIWSAttack.txt doctrine and change the name of the file
included. I have played with this, and it definately makes ships launch more
SAM's at incoming vampires. I have yet to encounter any serious bugs with it.

That's it! I hope you enjoy! Please let me know if you find any errors, would like to
contribute to a future release, or have any suggestions or comments. The place is the
Subsim Mod Workshop!.

Happy Hunting.

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