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Default [REL]WideScreen Mod: First Beta Release (Jan 21, 2009)

January, 21 2009
Wide Screen mod for SH3 open pre beta V1.0
Mod by Rubini.
Compatible with GWX 2.1/3.0

Skwas' S3D tool
GWX team

Usage and actual progress:
This mod allows SH3 to run in a wide screen mode without streched 3D images.
I and others already have tryed to find a way to get this in the past but without any progres until I find the solution some days ago.
In this stage the mod is already useful and ready to be used. Note that for now only (but the more important ones) 3D views are adjusted. All the 2D tgas (loading screens, TDC, masks, etc, etc) yet need to be adjusted folowed by it's needles, text, buttons position, etc. This will be a huge work (but not difficult) that needs a team to work on.
Also the Periscope and Uzo views are yet streched. The Bino view is already adjusted. I only can adjust the Peri/Uzo after we adjust the mask.

1. Event camera will continue streched - I can't find it's camera parameters...if someone knows where it is please contact me (obviously i already looked at EventCameras.dat). Seems that it's hardcoded.
2. Sunhalo only appears at the extrem left part of the screen, no fix until now, besides the majority of DX10 cards have problems with sunhalo even on stock game, linked to the AA/Gama_correction settings.

Files content:
data\Interior\NSS_Uboat2\ (this is where the type II A/D interior fore camera parameters are)

JSGME ready, you can enable it at any point on your campaign. It's totally harmless, if you don't like it just disable using JSGME and continue your game.



How it works?
What make it work is the parameter "Right" at Viewport section on Cameraparams controller, Cameras.dat file. The value range for 16:9 is 1.4 to 1.45. To 16:10 is 1.35 to 1.4. I put them all on 1.4, this way it will work for both 16:9 or 16:10. (original values are set at 1.0)
I also made small cameras' angles adjusts just to fit the new "zoom"aspect of the wide screen mode.

Will work with the HighResolution mod?
Yes, at any resolution!

Do I really need a widescreen monitor to play with this mod?
Yes, obviously...only WS monitors have the physical size with 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio.

How the better resolution? How I must adjust my monitor?
1. using the High resolution mod at the exactly resolution of your WS monitor is the best option. (HighResolution mod don't allow to alt tab in some systems and also have some others small issues, it's up to you use it or not)
2. if you don't use HR mode, so you will run at stock 1024x768. Ok just let your WS monitor fulfill the entire visual area and you will have the game in correct WS aspect using this mod. No FPS losses in any way.

Any future mod differences to fit 16:9 or 16:10 WS monitors?
My Sony LCD TV monitor have 1360x768 pixels, physical size in exact 16:9. So i don't know for sure about 16:10...but i guess that it will work out of the box for both without need different set of files.

Future of this WideScreen mod...
Well, I will stop right here if I don't receive help from the experts on menu_1024/texture guys. The work necessary to adjust all that things exposed above is too much for one guy.
I'm also an eye candy freaking guy and the problems with the event camera and sunhalo really annoy me...I almost drop the mod after not find a solution for them...although after have played an entire patrol with the mod enabled I then really becomes very excited with it again.

Last minutes comments:
I just really tested it with a Type IID and with a Type VIIC. I guess that it will work with any uboat. If you tested it with some other uboat, please post here yours observations. This will help a lot.
In the end, this is an open community mod, so, obviously, your feedback (good or not) is absolutely important and necessary!

Have fun!

One gamer's must-have mod is another gamer's waste of time.
-Sailor Steve

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