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Originally Posted by Skybird View Post

I am just returning to SH3 since almost 10 years of absence, and have just reinstalled it.

I did so via the Steam version which currently is only 2.99€, since my old DVD failed to install, and a SF-free second buy I did some years ago failed as well.

After Steam-installation of SH3, I had a working version, I added the resolution patch (1920x1050 here), and that was it. Game started, and worked.

Downloading LSH v5 and starting saw the file being decompressed, but when installation started, it broke off with an error saying that the installation path is wrong, and that there shall be no spaces in the location'S name. Problem is that Steam puts the game just in the usual place where Steam games go: Steam/steamapps/common/. LSH not possible for Steam version of SH3?
Hi mate
this is better solution by Bl!tzKr!eg:
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This thread is the older LSH3 version.
I would suggest using the later LSH3-2015 version where many changes have been made to improve the game.

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Old 03-25-2017, 06:53 AM   #1353
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While I am a long subsim member in these forums, I came to this thread via the official support forum link on the official LSH3 2015 dowload page. These many mods and how and what is why to be done, is quite confusing. I think I just go with the default thing once again like back in those days, and just add the tool-mods from back then that i still have on CD. But the 4 GB patch might come handy, for FSX it worked wonders.
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Old 08-14-2017, 09:01 AM   #1354
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The Silent Hunter III purchased on Steam to use as modifications to Living Silent Hunter III Edition 2015?

And if it is purchased by the UBISOFT website can you also install any kind of MOD without problems?

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