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Default [REL] RCB's SH4 effects GWX 3.0(and 2.1) V7.1


Before I say what is this about, here is a link to this thread:

Racerboy made that wonderful mod for sh3, if you read post up there you will know what he added to the game. Lots of his life hours went to this mod. Since he got away I was doing this mod..
Finally, he is back!


That's about the intro to this stuff.

This is an effect mod (that means it covers all fires, smokes, explosions, trails, and such things you see in game) for GWX 2.1. The best way to enable is when you are in port.

This is eight release, just an update, nothing much. Test it..

These pics were taken on original GWX 2.1 scenery and some with OLC ubermod or OLCE2, ofcourse on GWX 2.1. It is much the same explosion, only smokes are slightly different..

The mods also used while taking those pics AND PLAYING with this mod are sukhoi's das boot faces, torpedo damage final v2, lifeboats v2a, v3b, waterstream v4, LRT, interior dive planes, open hatch, sboot, OLC'S Ubermod 2.41, OLCE2, olceguispecial for olce, shipbuoyancy, just to name the few..

Look at that superman flying to the rescue of the other little brother superman!!!

Final moments of this destroyer as seen by me (NOTE: this pic was taken on LITE version of this mod), in full version this looks somewhat better..

Version 2.04C:
-fixed oil smokes not dissapearing after the fire vanishes
-I fixed his major bug with smokes, they are not dissappearing anymore
-reduced some minor things(funnels and such)
The pics from that release are here:

Version 2.04D:
- adjusted smokes to look more windy
- adjusted some values to, with olc's approval, make this mod "more" compatible to his ubermod
- added "little if any" feature

Version 2.04e:
- added lite version
- fixed distress flare
- added bonus - flags for some uboots(2d7b. 9b, 7c, 9c but "some" because not for all versions of those boots and made a version compatible to ubermod)
- added some new work from d.kruger
- made the mod compatible to lrt 2.02 final
- made new texture for smokes - easiest part
- redid the smokes
- added fake wind effect to smokes

Version 2.04f:
- removed the addon flags from the main mod
- fixed some little mistakes
- removed "hurricane" effect(funnel smoke in one, fire smoke in other direction)
- reduced the size of fires
- removed the second flag and my custom models for 9c(messes 9d2)
- added the flag to every turm in game that had flag stick originally

Version 2.04f1:
- fixed warship funnels
- added sukhoi's all das boot officer faces(complete mod)
- added empty campaign files

Version 7.1:
- please read readme included for details and some of my aims and thoughts in the contenplations section

Ok, on my ff page you will find this file(hope they function properly):

1. Rbs_SH4_effects_204f1.rar

old version also works on GWX 3.0

2. Rbs8Flagis.rar

This is the addon with flags for GWX 2.1 uboots. But only for those uboots that had flag pole or stick originally on the turm. For other uboots, I have to eat some more..

3. Rbs8Flagiswithoutreflect.rar

This is the same addon as Rbs8Flagis but with removed reflections to make it compatible to OLC UBERMOD'S remove GWX 2.1 reflections

3. Rbs sh4 effects gwx 30 71.rar

The new version..


Possible and actual bugs, to improve and fix(this should be last?):
- check out page 4 for info on the subject
- when stuff ejects to the surface of the water after the sinking of the ship, effect like depth charge appears and vanishes rather quickly , maybe I can fix that later, but the oil spot is black
- when you hit your own torpedo with a torpedo, there are debris flying in the air, though original torpedo continues to run
- writting of this thread is hard, cheers to all the merrymen who wrote stuff like this NEW! It's easier than making the mod..

The only real drops of fps:
1. When big oil explosion or splinter explosion starts, many generators start and that kills fps, it lasts for few seconds, but after that everything is ok
2. when oil burns on the surface, it "mingles" with smokes from regular fires, so when you get close to it, fps drops you will encounter- currently can't do nothing about that

About the compatibility:
- without risk(check it!) ONLY with GWX 2.1(by the way exiting Kiel is now something my computer doesn't like, but I like it very much)!!!
- compatible with olc ubermod, enable this mod after olc's
- compatible with waterstream mod, enable this after the mod
- life boat mod, howto is explained in the readme of this mod(READ IT!!!!)
- lrt 2.02 final
- sboot mod
- any other mod not messing this files, ofcourse if they are for gwx 2.1
NOTE! v204d add some things to sea folder so sea folder is needed, BUT NOT CRUCIAL, the worst thing could happen your warship has a smoke like merchant..
- can be used with special effects v1.00(try first, then shoot), you can see my pic on humorous sh3 pics thread..
- I think since I worked on origigi Rb particle file(I can't check all the effects and generators) and since it has some minor new stuff from GWX 2.1 that this mod is playable with gwx 2.0, try it!

That's about it. This is the release numero seven, don't be hard on me, if it works 100% ok with gwx 2.1, still not shure but I'm 99.9999%, ok not that much, I will continue rb's work, although, huh would be better he does it.

Thanks go to:
GWX team - for giving me the permission to use their files and for gwx 2.1
privateer - for support
phillip thomsen - for being the tester and an football fan
skwas - for his S3D 0.82, that new version really adds everything an unexperienced and a wonderer in hex(what is 7fa in decimal?) sh3 modder needs, great, without that programm all would be lost!
jscones - without JSGME no mod
maker of empty campaign - I don't know who that is, but thank you! without it no mod either, I would like to know who is that, cheers to him/her
jimbuna - for funny village people bears.. ok they were pigs.. I was in a hurry
rubini - for his life boats mod and allowing me to make this mod compatible
D.Kruger - His magnificient work is here, I admitt I didn't value his work much before, but I tried to something myself, it is very hard, HOORAY to him
NVdrifter - I made this mod compatible to his, but I can't find him for now, so I hope he will not be mad(LRT V202 FINAL)
mikhayl - for sboot mod and for being a cool guy
a6intruder - for testing and reporting(keep it on, mate!)
olc - for comming to the rescue and advice
ubergruber - for making me feel bad and giving me a good idea
Sukhoi - cannot understand him or get to him, but his mod(das boot faces) is in original state, so if anybody knows him, tell me!
my family - for making me such a sadist and a lover of painfull explanations
everybody - so many fans of the das boot.. I have to admitt, I don't have that film anymore. It was on VHS. My gf asked me to save some stupid, f....h movie and I accidentally erased it.

All law stuff is like rb said. Hope he doesn't sue me.
I wasn't shure will I add that or not. But it's kind a fun!
Try to use these files in commercial or any other way, as it is forbidden, I don't like to work, I will sue you.

Now, as you report possible bugs please can you follow this procedure:
1. if you see a bug, can you catch a screenie and post it?
2. explain the incident, why what where and who got involved
3. tell a good joke
4. report if you saw somewhere a nice thing that you feel might improve this mod
5. if you really feel that will improve this mod go bother that guy to let that things be used here
6. don't take seriously this last point
7. grab a beer

For wishes do as you please.
As bugs will rise day by day() and wishes I will edit the "possible and actual bugs, to fix or improve" section in the first part of the thread, and work on it. As I fix it or improve it(houp days least, someone said), I will erase it or add it or provide an explanation and I will tell about new uploads of files. I'll edit the thread whenever I have something new to say. It is nearly every day so don't hate me.

That's about that.

Please, please, don't call me "Mr. Asanovic". Aljosha Asanovic is a soccer player I really liked to watch 1998. "Fiery elbow"!!! World championships and then I used this nick for internet. Call me asanovic7, or hey, you! or insult or whatever you like, just not mr. asanovic.


Last edited by asanovic7; 02-13-2009 at 11:00 AM. Reason: New release! v7.1
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Canadian Wolf
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Hi asanovic7,

I didn't ask Rubini for this, I hope that is not forbidden.
It depends on who you are dealing with here at SUBSIM, in Rubini's case I think he would want you to check with him first. I am sure he won't have a problem with it, but that is up to him.

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Old 04-29-2008, 01:57 PM   #3
Old Gang
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Rubini is already aware of this mod, don't worry, he won't mind...

Well, finally this is finished... whew... For what I've been testing so far, this is looking very very good. The torpedo is leaving a major tail, but I don't really mind about that. Still have to test some of the explosions... But thank you for coming up with this, as a lot of people here didn't have the courage to stand up and assume this awesome work by another guy who unfortunally disappeared. That's the way to go, all efforts to making SH3 each day better!

A medal for you!

Edit: I would change the line "NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ENHANCED DAMAGE EFFECTS" to a bigger font, YELLOW, UNDERLINED, BOLD AND ITALIC! This is very important to avoyd confusion. Both mods have the same purpose, so they can't work together!
To each his own
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I never thought this mod would ever come back!

Cool! Gonna try at once!

Still Sailing....still Deep

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Are you sure they weren't pigs

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.
Oh my God, not again!!

GWX3.0 Download Page - Donation/instant access to GWX (Help SubSim)
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Thanks a lot for this one asanovic!

It's a lovely mod. However, I do find the number of bodies flying in the air with almost every explosion so unrealistic. And I hate to see them shaking in the water like mad. Ya, and those red flares... another overkill for me.

So, Mr. Asanovic, do you/could you please release a version with toned down bodies and flares (or remove them copletely)? I think it would be appreciated by far more people than me.

Just my two cents. Anyway, thank you for your hard work and not letting this mod die.
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Default Svaka cast

Imam samo jedno pitanje da li mod radi i sa v. 2.0. I naravno svaka cast na ulozenom trudu. Ovo je bila karika koja nedostaje gwx.
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Good job Mate.

Although my part was held to the
'yep, your on the right track'
kind of stuff.
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Very cool, gotta give this a try. . . hmm, think I'll abandon my current patrol to install it

"Some ships are designed to sink, others require our assistance." Nathan Zelk
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RB won't mind you tweaking his work as long as you credit the right people. I know that for sure.

I know he used to tell me how he needed help to do some work on his mods. Too much to do and not enough manpower to finish. He would say to me.

Good work asanovic7.

Can't wait to see what magic you pull out of your hat.
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Asanovic7, great news you continued RB's work! RB will not mind as we didnot hear from hear since months! Thanks & keep up the good work!
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Default My first reply!

Originally Posted by jimbuna
Are you sure they weren't pigs

This is too good!

Originally Posted by reallydedpoet
It depends on who you are dealing with here at SUBSIM, in Rubini's case I think he would want you to check with him first. I am sure he won't have a problem with it, but that is up to him.
I'm sorry, wasn't aware of that, will mind that in future.

Originally Posted by privateer
Good job Mate.

Although my part was held to the
'yep, your on the right track'
kind of stuff.
Sometimes all you need is that! And I would/will need more..

Originally Posted by mkubani
Mr. Asanovic
Hey, mkubani, thanks! Now, for the first step you should try with original GWX 2.1 zones.cfg file to tone down some effects. Now as for the bodies. Every explosions you see, they are effects, they have triggers what will happen when. Well, when you see big and small explosions, fires, or such they trigger such events as people flying in the air and flares. Yes, I agree, there is too many people and flares. Tone it down. But.. Imagine situation. Calm weather. Cramp stealer ahead. Deck gun. People flying through the air. Fun. Have you seen hollywood movies!?!
Hmm.. Ok, seriously. I have one idea how to fix or improve that issue, will try this week!

Originally Posted by phillip_thomsen
Sugar Ray Robinson
Will check out that torpedo trail. On improvement list! Hear you!

Originally Posted by wolfehunter
Can't wait to see what magic you pull out of your hat.
Thanks! Will try! For start I will supply this thread with funny latin sayings.
Non volat in buccas tuas assa columbe, nisi peni.

Originally Posted by rik007

Originally Posted by lord"neuro"
Ko je ovde lud?
Pa gdje si, susjedu?
Jebote, pricas engleski ko da jebes kevu istodobno! Legendarno! Stari moj, nije ti ovo za gwx 2.0, ali probaj. Nego sta ne skines taj 2.1 i one brodove sa fixom, covjece, to izgleda fantasticno. Dobro ste nas skinuli u fed cupu! I sta ti znaci taj lord neuro? Za asanovica znas..

As for the official stuff, I will work on the mod this week. Some issues demand to be solved promptly! My home internet connection sucks and as my college is closed for the remainder of the week because of the may, I will check in randomly to see for new suggestions, bugs. If I make something, I will upload it.
Hope people like this mod.
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Thanks for reply Mr. Asanovic. I guess I got too much Hollywood going on on TV and with my wife.
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Default Pozdrav i tebi

LordNeuro je samo nick. Koristim ga u mp igrama. Neuro kao neurotican. Nego nisam skinuo 2.1 zbog nekih modova koji nisu kompatibilni sa tom verzijom. A i ovo sam se namucio da instaliram pa nebi da nesto uzjebem. Sto se tice engleskog to ti je naski balkansko indijansko engleski.
A da u tenisu jbg pa i mi u necemu da nam ide. Rado bi se ja menja samo da su nasi otisli na prvenstvo u fudbalu. Ali jbg ovako nam ostalo da se hvalimo tenisom.
Svaka cast na ovom poslu i sigurno cu probati samo da uhvatim vremena i zavrsim patrolu. Jos jednom pozdrav i nadam se da ce biti jos nekih modova iz komiske nam zemlje.
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My latin isn't that good...:hmm: Actually it quite poor. Well I figure it out.
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