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The Old Man
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radar Italian "Zara class" heavy cruisers

Hi everyone!
I'm glad to release my new mod, created during a forced stop in HMT Queen Elizabeth construction: Zara class cruisers, best italian WW2 heavy cruisers. Pack also includes scout plane IMAM Ro.43.

D\l Zara class cruisers:

From readme:

Regia Marina "Zara class" heavy cruisers:
- Zara
- Fiume (1941 camo skin)
- Gorizia (1942 camo skin)
- Pola (flagship)
IMAM Ro.43 by Gerome73 included (air unit).

Based on Gerome73's Zara cruiser, rescaled with every detail (X0.87 circa) and cloned for every unit of the class, with 3D differences implemented for every unit (main differences are funnels design, bridge...).
Fiume and Gorizia features a camo skin.
Eqp file updated with JapLance's guns library (including italian 381mm guns from Jeff-Groves\Privateer), improved by Stefan Thimme
Reworked .zon file (original was Admiral Hipper's one).
Scout planes are included and implemented in every ship's .cfg file (like a small aircraft carrier).

Thanks to Gerome73 for original Zara cruiser and scout plane Ro.43 (included) and for permission to use his great work.
Thanks to JapLance, Stefan Thimme and Jeff-Groves\Privateer for italian weapons library.
Thanks to Stefan Thimme for help with .sil files, and to Anvar1061 for beta tests.
Thanks also to The_Frog for rescaled units idea.

Please read included "Zara class readme" for more info and installation's details.

Best regards,

Those, others and WIP ships are avaiable in my SHIPYARD here:
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Stefan Thimme
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Navy Seal
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Amazing, thank you very much VonDos
|May the Force be with you!|
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