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The Old Man
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I'm just interested in getting things into space with the Real Solar System and KOS mods. The idea is fully automated computer programmed ISS building via the KOS mod..

I have the launch and orbit alignments down to the tee.. The best part still to come.. Rendezvous.. and Docking.

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Originally Posted by BarracudaUAK View Post

Then I started KSP again. Started modding a few things, then more things. Then even more things.

Right now I have a contract to land on Eve, haven't launched because I'm trying to finish the last bit of the mod that I'm doing...

But I'll start it up, test a mod, then revert to the VAB.
Tweak mod, tweak ship, revert again.

I'm hoping to finish the "tweaks" early next week, and be landing on Eve by next Friday.

However, I doubt this will happen, as that has been the plan for about a month.


3 months later and it still hasn't happened, but I'm making some small progress on that mod, and I'm still trying to figure out the best ship setup for that Eve contract.
Orbit, land, and Splash down.

So much to do, so much dislike for orbital docking!
I've done it, but the part that was supposed to have RCS wasn't functioning correctly (yes it RCS was turned on). So I had to get it "mostly" lined up, then swich to the larger main ship, and finish docking that way.

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