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Default Deepest part of the ocean

Has anyone come across a part of the map during the game where the depth is greater than 1915 ft.? It looks like that this is the max on the deeper maps.

Reason I ask is I was looking at the Russian "Mike" class and it has a maximum test depth of over 4000 ft. which would be cool to take it down that far and see how it goes trying to evade detection etc.
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Geoff then
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Yes I have. I asked myself the same question, but in the atlantic campaigns there are some spots I've been where the ground is deeper than the scale shows. But most deep parts seem to have the standard depth of 1915ft. In the pacific I have yet to find a spot that is deeper than that.
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You will usually find really deep water in areas that are outside of the usual engagement zones - north & west of Holy Loch and maybe east of the Marianas on the SCS map. I'm not sure as I have never encountered at target that far east.

An easy way to find out would be to use the mission editor to quickly place you in an area to check the depth.
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As I recall, there are some very deep spots, mostly on the Pacific map as I recall.
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