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Unter Wasser
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Default Soviet vs US Torpedo

In the real world was soviet ASW technology better than the US?

On playing the game and on submarine on submarine basis the SET-65 in an old Whiskey submarine seems to be much better than the MK37 which is too slow and overall lame in the '68 campaign. Is this comparison valid was the US playing catchup in torpedo tech in the real world

Also, that surface ship rocket system kicks backside and has sunk me many times in the 68 and 84 campaign? Thoughts?
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I believe it is correct. Mk37 was very slow and apparently unreliable.

However it is not without advantages compared to the Soviet SET-65. Being a swim-out torpedo it creates no launch transient, and moreover it is wire-guided which is a very important feature.
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Old 05-18-2018, 09:41 AM   #3
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depends what period, up to 1970, the US was playing catchup.

WW2 submarine torpedoes, once the targeting/reliability problems were resolved in 1943 were decent, but not as performing as the more advanced japanese and german models. The MK16 we have in game is perfectly decent, but is basically just a more reliable WW2 era weapon.

The MK37 design was perfectly fine as a anti-submarine torpedo when it was issued in the early 50s. remember it was designed when only diesel-electric subs were around with a top underwater speed of 7-8 knots. In WW2, the MK24 FIDO acoustic torpedo managed to sink/damage 55 German/japanese subs even though it only had a top speeed of 12 knots.

The MK37 only became obsolete because the Soviets started using SSNs with a top underwater speed of 30-42 knots. However, once the MK48 came out, the US had a torpedo that was perfect for ASW work.
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