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Default Real ASW Mod

Today I´m releasing the v.3 Beta 4 of my Real ASW Mod

The goal of this Mod is to provide an extremely realistic ASW by giving the allied ships a realistic number and type of DC´s.

Until now in every Mod and also Vanilla each DCT or Rack has 40 DC´s with the same sort of DC over the whole time of the war.

That has been corrected and until now I have implemented 15 different DC´s and 6 different DCT´s which all have realistic performance parameters. E.g. a Thornycroft DCT could only handle the Type D Mark III and BH 200, the Mark IV DCT could handle the Mark VII, the Mark VII Heavy and the BH 200 and the Mark V DCT could also handle the Mark VII and the Mark VII Heavy but only uses the Mark VII Heavy.

Aditionally I have corrected the Fletcher Destroyer so that it now has 6 DCT´s instead of the wrong 4 from the CCOM-Mod.

The Burrasque (Wicher-Class) has been corrected to have two DCRacks for the whole time and 2-4 DCTs depending on the date.

Ships, which are serving in more than one navy have been equipped with loadouts for each nation so that they are always using the right equipment.

Also I have corrected the Convesc (Convoi Escort Ship) which is implemented wrong into Ccom and don´t have ASW gear like hydrophones and Sonar. This has been corrected.

The Damagesystem of all the DC´s have been reworked to be more realistic. Sooner a DC going off in 30 m distance of the sub causes 170 Damagepoints and in 30,0001 m it causes 0 Damagepoints. In my new system a detonation causes one Damagepoint at the maximum distance so it is going over into the safe zone fluently.

The Mod is under continuous development to continually improve it´s realismn, stability and content!


-support all depth charge equipped warships for every nation that they are serving in
-port the Mod from now Ccom as the base over to the upcoming WAC 5.0

Here is the Readme:

This is the v.3 beta 4 version of my Real ASW Mods.

It is provided, tested and played by me exclusively with CCOM.

This Mod causes an extremely realistic ASW, because it implements a total of 17 different DCs, according to country, time and ship type.
For a later evolution step different Airborne-DCs are still planned.

Up to now unique is in this Mod that every ship carries its historically correct number of DCs.
For example, a Hunt I Destroyer only carries 30 DCs, while some American ships like the JC Butler carries up to 200 DCs and the Hedgehog.
This has been never before realised. Probably also, because this exactness needs an extremely high amount of work involved.

In this beta version 15 different types are already built-in (6 not yet used for ship equipment) by which the American, British and Polish side are already served in this early evolution phase almost completely ready.

It is strictly recommended to combine this Mod with the "WAC Realistic Hull Damage"-Mod, because they are complementary ideally and my DC-damage effects are adjusted to a use with it, because that is more realistically than the basic settings of CCOM.
Later the French and Italian DCs are implemented according to my plan.

To install the mod simply activate it via JSGME at the end of your modlist.

For feedbacks, questions or suggestions you can contact me in the "Marinesims" as well as in the "Subsim" under the user name "Padi".

Because I adapt the 3D-model and the Skin of the DCs later to her actual appearance, I let them maintain their look until then.
Only the Mark 9 has its final appearance.

I wish a lot of fun with this version.


Albrecht von Hesse for the 3D-model of the Mark IX
Jaxa for the Information about the polisch DCs and the Infos in which combination they are installed on the polish ships.


v.3 Beta 2
DC_R_KG.dat/.sim/.zon completely rebuild.

v.3 Beta 3
Corrected the .eqp of the Clemson and FlowerMOD.

v.3 Beta 4
Polish Ships Wicher and Grom added and polish Loadout for the Hunt I created.
Some pictures of the Mod in Action:

Here can you download the Mod.
The work on this Mod has (in parts) already been discussed in this Thread:
My Mediafire Page

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