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Grey Wolf
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Default Polichov-Simulations

Polichov-Simulations has now official 3rd party partner on DSC World

incoming see news about your new projects.
More News to the front.....

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Grey Wolf
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christmas news by Polychop, develop state, new proyects (Junkers Ju87 D-5/G-2) and 3 new proyects planed on the horizont (depleted Tornado proyect yet)
Dear flightsimmers,

The Year 2015 is about to call its final days and christmas is ringing its bells and in the radios we all here
christmas songs setting us into the tone of our beloved family parties.
As we promised we would also share news for the year 2015 one last time.

A lot of different events were taking place the last few weeks.
DCS 2.0 finally made it to our home computers and a long awaited Nevada map was released.
Also on the Polychop Simulations front some little and bigger updates can be announced.

First we like to announce a new team member, Bryan D,(ED Username Poly_B) who joined our team in November 2015.
In addition to the announcement of the new team member we also want to share the name of the project that Bryan is taking care of.
Junkers Ju87 D-5/G-2 are the planes that Bryan is working on.
As a former military aircraft and helicopter technician he knows most of the important parts of a plane by heart.
Due to the nature that Bryan is influenced by the love of WW2 fighter planes he asked if we would support the idea of developing a
German ww2 plane, which is in his case the JU87 Stuka.
At the beginning of December the first polygons started to shape in virtual space and the plane is coming along quite well.
We hope to provide you screenshots of the Stuka during the next few months.
We assume first take off for internal testings in 2016, which is as always subject to change, so we do not want to make promises
on that specific timetable at all at the moment.

Further we want to thank our new testers a lot too and would like to announce thier names to make it official.
New testers are 229th Gunfightersix, 229th Xtra and Larry. All of them are real helicopter pilots and blend into our
testing policy, which will significantly change in 2016 as we figured some issues how to handle the amount of testers
in a good way and so we decided to come up with a new structure of our testing team, which is more important for our testers.
What we will come up with is the idea of a lead tester who will stay in touch with the testers
and who will give the feedback directly to our Lead programmer.

We as Polychop Simulations team also want to thank all the french pilots and mechanics in particular.
Without their help the gazelle would have not been developed to the point where it is right now.
We can not share their names as they asked us not to. Due to the fact that we highly respect their wish, we only want to share that in total we have 5
Gazelle pilots and 6 mechanics that helped working out the system in a digital version from the beginning on.

As consequence of the above mentioned we want to share with you the current state of the SA342M Gazelle.

- We are animating the pilots
- We are separating commands so available commands are specific or common to Copilot or Pilot positions
- We are preparing the module for Multicrew in multiplayer
- We are preparing the module to be protected by Starforce
- The module is constantly improved in all aspects, systems, animations, UI pictures etc ...
- The writing of the flight manual has been started and in progress
- The french campaign is complete and ready to fly
- The english campaign voicing is in progress
- French and english training missions are done
- Additional single player and multiplayer missions are in the work

We also have a certain plan for the update for the gun, rocket pods and the mistral but that is part of the future plan for
the 2nd half of 2016.

We are willing to announce an approximate release date for the SA342m Gazelle Viviane HOT, which we plan for the first quarter of 2016,
if all goes well now and planned. About the multicrew, it is most likely that it will be incorporated later in an update,
as we have preplanned and most parts are prepared for such a code change, which will be delivered by ED hopefully soon.

Let us now take a look at our 2nd helicopter that is developing well.
The 2D and 3D work of the BO105PAH1 is finished and the PAH1 (german) made it into the programming phase and finally Pat
can start to bring it to life step by step. We plan to intergrate the MEDUSA calculation system the first time with the
BO105PAH1 which will run through integration tests later this year after the release of the SA342M and as soon TOWSIM has finished
last code lines of the calculation tool.
In short again about the MEDUSA system it includes the flightmodel configurations for all types of helicopters, which includes,
configuration of the bladecount of main and tail rotor, weight of the helicopter, RPM, measurments of the airframe and various other
factors that are vital for a helicopter flight. The MEDUSA system calculates the FM based on factor as stated and
autorotation landings are also calculated as factor.

BO105 HKP-9a (tow)/(HELITOW)
The 2D/3D work of the swedish external model is also done. At the moment we are busy transforming the German
cockpit into the Swedish cockpit. That process should be finished during the first quarter of 2016.
Coding of the HKP-9a will follow the coding of the PAH1.
We want to thank the swedish people who spend time to get us detailed pictures and informations on the
swedish HKP-9a and accelerated the developing process in that case.
Thank you very much!

We do have some sad news though, we decided not to share much about the Tornado at the moment,
as we are running through negotiations with 3 mature plane manufacturers about 3 projects.
One project would line up with the Gazelle and the Bo105 and the other 2 projects are bigger projects that have
an estimated developing time of 2 - 3 years minimum.
What we saw during the last days though is, that our Lead 3D artist Sven started to work in his free time on a fixed wing again,
and also is preparing the blueprints for our 3rd Airbus Helicopters project.
which is part of the negotiations. We also communicated with ED about the plans and they are supported and welcomed by them.

At the end for this christmas news we do want to to share that we are looking for programmers for the upcoming projects, as
our Lead Programmer Pat will not be able to handle all the projects by himself due to the complexity and amount of the work.
What we can say though is, that all the upcoming projects we are planning and negotiating behind curtains are worth to be part of
and also wanted by the flightsim community.
So please Pm any of us 3 team members if you are interested in working with us on the upcoming projects.
Further details about that via Pm.

We do wish everybody a wonderful Christmas time and a happy new year.
See and read you in 2016.


Your Polychop Simulations Team
More News to the front.....

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Grey Wolf
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Spiderpig from Polychop Simulations get a video about DCS: World module building and a Q&A.
More News to the front.....

Commander 21squad Harpoon International Community site
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