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Default GCB2

Looking for a live download link for Gobal Conflict Blue 2. All the ones I've found are dead or load endlessly anyone know of any? I did not notice it in the classic subsim downloads here.
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I still have it installed on my PC, but not the Installation executable file, so it is of little use to you. I think that the developer simply walked away from the project. No links or archives are available. Too bad, it held such promise.
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It was a two-person freeware effort so, understandably, that can be hard to sustain. And of course around the same time it stopped, Command: Modern Air and Naval Operations took off as a successful commercial project, and much of the Harpoon-related community followed - and arguably, that community isn't quite big enough to sustain interest in two similarly-featured games, especially when one has a business model and the other has only the developers' own enthusiasm to run on.

I don't have an installer on hand either unfortunately A bit of searching resulted in some hits on third-party sites that have it, but I can't vouch for how safe and reliable they may be.

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