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Old 08-01-2016, 04:53 PM   #16
Sailor Steve
Really feelin' it.
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That is fantastic work!
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Ace of the deep .
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Minelaying subs .
Something no other sub game has afaik .
Not sure how fun this would be unless the game progresses far enough and I am in an aussie sunderland bombing you .

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Old 08-01-2016, 06:06 PM   #18
Onkel Neal
Born to Run Silent
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That's a gold mine!! Thanks
Good hunting and don't forget to close the hatch!
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Old 08-02-2016, 04:00 PM   #19
Grey Wolf
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Not sure that mine laying is what the players are waiting for...
All funny games are seek & destroy, by torps or guns.

We can copy some missions from SH4 (supply aid, secret agents mission, port recon) but not sure it is "must have" missions in game.

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Old 08-03-2016, 08:40 PM   #20
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If done properly and sparingly, minelaying could be quite exciting. After all, it usually involved silently infiltrating very near the most active Allied ports--almost always dodging destroyers and ASW trawlers. I know of at least one U-boat skipper who simply lost his nerve when ordered to infiltrate a major port and deposit mines despite heavy enemy ASW patrols. Donitz relieved him upon returning to port.

In that sense, I think being ordered, every once in a while, to do things like lay mines in a heavily trafficked harbor might be a real challenge, especially considering the mine storage requirements would leave you with few to no torpedoes and therefore reliant only on stealth, good judgment, and audacity.
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Old 05-05-2019, 11:54 PM   #21
Onkel Neal
Born to Run Silent
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Scapa Flow mission is next.
Good hunting and don't forget to close the hatch!
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Old 05-06-2019, 02:54 PM   #22
Bilge Rat
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Hello! I would like to propose the idea of ​​implementing accelerated time for a cooperative company. The idea is as follows. The navigator or any other member of the crew who understands in the navigator's business in advance calculates the route to the selected position of the far transition. The data is entered into the conditional table on the basis of the "course" and "travel time for a given course" principle. Thus, the entire route is entered. Then the commander presses the time compression button, all crew members confirm readiness and after that the whole crew is displayed in the map mode and simply sees the moving point along the specified route. The captain can at any time reset the time compression and all players return to the boat, or if at the moment of passing the route a post appears in the detection zone

With the possibility of compressing time and long-distance crossings to any point on the map, it will be possible to implement trade routes for convoys and single ships, random convoys and single ships going not along trade routes and significantly dilute the monotony of being in an open water area when there is no enemy.

To avoid the fact that 5 players would observe a long time marker moving on the map is possible. 100% will be players who are willing to spend their time on searching and traveling, the rest, missing players, you can replace AI, Players can join at any time and take their place. The captain (master of the lobby) can, when a convoy is detected, pause the game and save and wait for the whole team to assemble and then join the battle. The ability to compress time does not harm, but adds positive moments to the game for many players.

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Old 05-07-2019, 02:08 AM   #23
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Originally Posted by Onkel Neal View Post
Skirmish is merely an instant action convoy/war patrol encounter. Most U-boat missions are essentially: Locate convoy, Intercept convoy, Attack convoy, Evade escorts (re-engage if possible). This is what Doenitz tasked his U-boats with and this is what they sought. In real life, assembling a group of U-boats and locating a convoy could take weeks, and often a U-boat commander would never find a battle. Obviously, this would not work for a simulation, no one wants to simulate the boredom and frustration of empty seas. And when you are talking cooperatively manned subs, by four dudes in real life, even less so. So, the plan is to start a skirmish mission off with the enemy within reasonable range, so the players can possibly intercept and engage within 30 minutes to an hour. It is important to note that we intend to have the missions dynamically generated, so no matter how many times you play a skirmish mission, the inclusion, placement, and course of the enemy will vary. Sometimes you will start off close and in favorable position, sometimes you will have to establish contact and attempt to obtain a favorable firing position without being detected.

So, whenever you want to play a quick game with your friends, you can select a convoy encounter, warship encounter, or random encounter and test your mettle as a U-boat crew.
Thats the actual mode? I really like the idea of a open sea ""full"" of spawning convoys to run away, face or wait for the wolfpack (and a way for doing that: setting a target and coordenates to be shared with other members besides the ordinary radio ¿?)

The continuity may be achieved by making the ships harder and harder every time: Let the timer go from 1939(or 1942 or whatever) to 1945 and vary, all according to the players particular set up and "checkfields").

I know this games are often limited by the number of players, but i think that
we could achieve a game with many new commanders serving the kriegsmarine after the old ones logg off or die(an inside lock for the hatch would be nice btw) thats more fullfilling, the only limitation being sharing/buying the host. I played other games where the savegame was shared among players, wich i think have the same POV that subsims, and it was really good.

So i think this is the best argument in behalf of open world: It won't be single-played! You can actually set a tournament with 4 teams playing at the same time in the same sea or rotate the crew untill the ships perish or time passes.

3 questions:
-Can you give any advance on what are the thoughts on the PVP?
-And more important one: Is any non-submarine ship going to be rided? I am not against it, but i read a comment about it, DD vs SSS, here and i want to know opinions.
- I don't want to be rude, but is this game really gonna progress? i mean... seems it would take a lot (not judging).

PS: I agree that campaing is by far the most appealing and important part of the game.
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Steel Sharks Bdu
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Onkel Neal when I started writing the Steel Sharks Gwx Campaign I used the following sources for info on Convoys ect

for the biggest Convoy Battles and most successful Uboat Patrols

I told ya I was a Uboat n Submarine nutjob its all to do wid my date of birth
same day Limeyville declared war on Germany in 39 and the same year his nibs Winston Spencer Churchill Passed away

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