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Default welcome aboard!

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Originally Posted by barnacleboy View Post
As far as I know ... not related, but ARB base on Ahnenerbe
Does Ahnenerbe have the same issues with RAOBF and tick marks on the periscopes as ARB?
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Nice work Brodaga222

Back in the Day

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Originally Posted by barnacleboy View Post
after searching the net for hours and reading this thread from page 1-30, I ask you guys ... does anyone know where I can find a detailed instruction/guide (if existing) how to use the RAOBF in this mod (how to read the rectile, read the values for Range/Speed/AOB from which marker depending on the zoom factor)?
G'day barnacleboy..

The best I can do is point you at a series of 4 tutorial youtube videos made by stoianm1. They're made in SH5, but use the same RAOBF model as Ahnenerbe's mod does, which is to say, the version with 2 black and 1 red marker.

The videos are rather painful to watch, as he repeats everything 3 or 4 times, instead of just making a point and moving on, and he sometimes jumps ahead of himself and/or the tutorial, so that you may need to pause at times to read everything on the screen before moving on, but despite the many flaws in presentation, it's actually a very clear explanation of how to use the RAOBF. However, it could have been a much more concise and shorter video if only he didn't repeat himself so much.

(he also makes a very silly but easy-to-make mistake with the AOB of the ship he's targeting.. watch for it!)

Here's the link to the first video.. you should be able to find the others from there.

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