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View Poll Results: Gun Placement
Right on the body 6 85.71%
On the wings, tight to the body 1 14.29%
Middle of wings 0 0%
Anything wide that mid-wing 0 0%
Voters: 7. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 09-19-2009, 01:42 AM   #1
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Default Perferred Gun Placment

I searched and didnt find anything.

While I was playing IL-2 a few days ago, I was flying right behind an enemy fighter with a plane whose guns were place widely. (On the wings) I found that often my bullets would pass the plane before converging together. This lead to me having to shoot to one side to conistantly hit the target. Later, I was attacking another target with a P-38. As I let loose with all my guns, my vision was somewhat obstructed by mussel flashes and tracers. As a result, my aim drifted often. It was after that I took command of a plane who, while somewhat lightly armed, had its guns placed close to the fuselage, but still on the wings. (And one with the guns right on the side of the body) I found this placment to be perfect. I could attack targets up closly and from far away with good accurcy, and was never blinded by my own guns.

So I ask you this question. If you could have your guns placed in one of these positions, where would you have them.
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I'm pretty much used to wherever the Machineguns and Cannons are located on the aircraft I fly...I just have to adjust the converge ranges.

but if I have to vote, I say the nose like the 109's.


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Nose. P-38 devastating fire power.

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Any plane with nose guns is better than a plane that has wing guns because you don't have the convergance factor it basicly point and shoot (general gunnery rules still apply though.). While with a plane that has wing guns you have to adjust the convergance so the bullets hit the target in about the same area. There are planes like the FW-190 have both wing and nose guns which also make it a good plane.
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I don't really have a preferred placement, but with nose mounted guns it is easier to hit your targets. However, you get used to the location of the guns and cannons on any aircraft after some practice.

I usually set my convergence range somewhere between 150 - 300 metres, up to 500 if there's a chance of engaging bombers. You don't want to get to close to those turrets, as I've learned from experience...
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