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Default [REL] GWX3 Cfg files for SH3 Commander - easy installer [v 1.2]

An easy-to-use installer for the Cfg files needed to run JScones' new SH3 Commander (version 3.2) with GWX3.


Shortly after the release of GWX3, the GWX team made a handy Cfg files installer for what was then the final version of SH3 Commander...

...Then came the surprise announcement of the all-new SH3 Commander 3.2!

Because one of the files in the previous Cfg installer does not work with SH3 Commander 3.2, a more complicated installation process was needed. (this process still applies if you run GWX 2.1, as detailed in JScones' installation instructions).

So I've made an easy-to-use installer that puts the required GWX3 Cfg files for SH3 Commander 3.2 in the right place, saving the hassle or confusion of having to install to a temporary folder, remove one of the files, then manually install the remaining files into SH3 Commander's Cfg folder.

  • You only need to use this installer if you want to run SH3 Commander 3.2 with GWX3.
  • This installer does not install SH3 Commander, just the special files (configuration files, or "Cfg files") that SH3 Commander 3.2 needs to work with GWX 3.0. You must install SH3 Commander 3.2 first!
  • If you've already followed JScones' original instructions for the previous Cfg files installer, you don't need to run this installer! (but if you ever need to re-install SH3 Commander 3.2 to run with GWX3, then this installer will save you time).
  • DO NOT use this installer if you're using any other version of SH3 Commander, any other version of GWX or any other supermod such as NYGM.
  • If you have more than one installation of SH3 Commander, make sure that the path presented in the 'Select Destination Location' screen is the installation you want to add the GWX3 Cfg files to.

  1. Download 'GWX3_SH3Cdr3.2Files_v1.2.exe' from my Filefront page and save it to your desktop (or wherever you want)
  2. Double-click on "GWX3_SH3Cdr3.2Files_v1.2.exe"
  3. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to install the files
  4. You're done!


The installer does the following:

1. Puts the following files into the Cfg directory
in your SH3 Commander directory
  • Menu variable_de.txt
  • Menu variable_en.txt
  • Menu variable_fr.txt
  • Randomised events.cfg
  • Ship displacements.cfg
  • U-boat availability.cfg

Puts 'GWX3 files readme.txt' into your SH3 Commander directory

That's all!

Big thanks to: Privateer, Jimbuna, bigboywooly, irish1958, Alex and JScones

Any questions, let me know.

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