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We're Moving!
To a new Discord Server
URL will be posted here once available, probably in a new thread.

Due to some technical difficulties with the Discord server we've been using (I locked myself out of my discord account which was the owner... oops) We have decided it nessecary to create a new Discord server so that it can be properly administrated.

I will try to remove any reference to the old discord, so that there is less confusion. Stand by for further posts with more details when they are available. I'll also try and remember to post a link to wherever you may need to go for more info, in the main DW thread if it doesn't get posted here.

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Old 04-17-2018, 02:29 AM   #47
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New channel for DW is ready!

Dangerous Waters - Data Link

Current DWLD channel is uncontrollable. This is main reason for making new channel.

We want to thank you Rentacow for your brilliant idea. Because of your channel most active DW players have place for meeting and playing bigest sessions in all DW communities. We just wanna to continue your idea.

Now you and all active DW players are welcome in new channel. Lets make DW lives forever!

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Old 05-01-2018, 04:18 AM   #48
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Short report from last Saturday battle:

SCENARIO: Probability Theory 1.1

List of players:

PL_Cmd_Jacek's Perry following my ship with high speed:

Slowing down to 15 kts:

Enemy LSD + escort detected on north of main island:

Harpoons attack:

Akula II pinned down by my Helo (visible Korunds decoys around sub):

My last light torpedoes searching for Akula (after 2 hits Akula still alive)

Near end of battle my own Harpoon explode at launch (causes 46% DMG)

US Marines arrived to beach:

30 minutes later Drakken on Seawolf reaches RED naval base! We won without any loses (but 3 helos form Perrys are down).

Declassified plan of battle:


If you wanna to participate battles like above, join new Discord channel:

Dangerous Waters Data Link

We usualy play 2-3 "free" games during week and big battles with Russian Community at Saturdays!

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Indeed, it was very good game.

Complicated situation but good plan that we followed.

My task was to attack surface units. Therefore my helos were in ASuW mode. I was able to eliminate Ivan Rogov, that prevented enemy's landing. Than I focused on Udaloy. She was damaged and later on sunk.

At the end I joined hunting an Akula. And my last torpedo hit her.

It was very good battle and good time. Such a scenario with big amount of players are the best.

We need to continue that for sure.
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