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They have announced a closed beta for possibly September on Facebook. These devs and the publisher seriously need a proper PR department. Signed up for it, so we'll see if I get my hands on it early, would be cool as I also supported them on Kickstarter. I have some experience as closed beta tester, for example Battlefield 3, War Thunder, World of Warships, some Paradox games, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 1&2 (just recently). Though I can be a bit nitpicky and too open about things I don't like, Pdox and Gaijin won't let me test their games anymore after I was very vocal about what I thought was ****ty about their games. xD
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Old 10-15-2018, 03:38 AM   #17
Ocean Warrior
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Closed kick starter beta started on Saturday (13th Oct)
I've not had a chance to play it myself yet, as I've not received my beta Key (long story) So all the information below is second hand.

First impressions /reactions from beta have been positive overall, but the game still needs a of alot of work, It is by no means in a state where its fully playable. Many bugs found but the devs are swift in fixing them and their communication and responsiveness has been exceptional. With them ploughing though the reports over what should be their weekend off!

Visually there is alot of praise and the boats interior in first person is rich in detail and very immersive. Some reported some very 'Das Boot' like situations with their boat bottomed on the ocean floor while frantically making repairs to get moving again, before they get poisoned by battery gas or run out of O2.

As expected It doesn't play like Silent Hunter, and its kind of a halfway house between a Subsim and a crew management game. of course this brings some concern that it could be in danger of walking a line where its too hardcore for survival/management fans, and to casual for hardcore simmers.
But that is still just speculation at this point.

How it develops over the course of the Beta and Early access is still wide open. And its clear the devs are serious and committed to making the project work, user feedback and request for certain features are being listened to and implemented if desirable / possible.

What I've seen so far is quite alot of request for more direct manual control of the sub rather than via ordering the AI crew who some times slip up as AI will. I had lengthy chat with one tester on discord yesterday.
His impression was that style of play is great when your sailing along, but unless you 'pause' time compression to issue orders combat can be a bit overwhelming and clunky at times especially when you are being hunted. Sounds like some streamlining maybe needed here as consistently pausing is rather immersion breaking.
Its also been said the game is very tough, with many being KIA on their first early war patrol - often by aircraft, but one reported being shelled at medium range while at periscope depth. I've been assured that there is no 'vampire vision' at night though!

Exciting project! And for just a humble 3 man indie team, what they have accomplished so far is very impressive indeed! Its still in the rough for now, but its potential to grow in to something special is definitely showing.
Patience is the order of the day on this one.

EDIT: Just received my Steam key this morning, WOOT!

"Derpy Derp Derpity Derp.... I like cheese."

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I'm one of the guilty party for asking for more manual control.

A lot of the control we have right now is "on/off" controls for things that should have analog valve controls.

The dive control is probably the worst offender. You have to have a guy go up to a valve and "fill" or "blow" the tank every time you want to dive or surface.

That would be ok except that the AI doesnt use a standard crew for it. You have to assign one of your 5 officers and those officers are generally already doing something needed. So they have to run all the way across the board hit the dive valve and then run back to their position.

Then the dive tanks are wonky and you will run into situation where the rear of the ship just wont submerge and after 20 minutes of trying to submerge the ship your ass is still hanging out of the water. (probably a bug) or you will be running under water and the rear of the ship will just sink all the way to the ocean floor.

There doesnt seem to be any neutral buoyancy control. Like I said the tank valve is either filled with water or air. But there appears to be "some" sort of in between the game is auto managing for you because you have a "buoyancy gauge that goes from 100% buoyant (tanks filled with air) to -100% buoyant with the tanks filled with water. But sometimes it goes to 0 neutral and you are ok.

I think the time compression breaks the buoyancy tanks. Most of the times I run into problems are when I accelerate time while under water and the tanks just freak out and the sub sinks.

Also, there is no manual dive controls for the dive planes and no manual rudder control. All you can do is set a course on the map or go to 3rd person and there is a compass/ angle tool where you can set a new heading. But if you are under water that compass tool doesnt work more than half the time so you end up setting heading on the map.

The map doesnt stay centered on your position and you have no over map if you turn your gyrocompass off. So you run into situations where you need to quickly set a course change to avoid something and you cant.

Also when you do set a direction the ship seems to just rotate itself like its using a trolling motor or it has tank treads.

with all that said. I really like it. Even if they dont make it "more simulation" than it is right now I think it will be a successful sub game. It's not the one "we" all want (probably) but it's fun and has a good chance of being more popular in the general public.

It's more b17II than DCS and I know we all wants DCS but it's hard to be picky when no one else is releasing any sub games. You take what you can get and I think they are doing a good job with this.

I'm also more than willing to help them in any way they need. They just need to ask and i'm there!

At the end of the day I can rant for hours and hours about how inaccurate this game is... but it's a sub sim, it's fun and they seem to be passionate about their sim so i'm not going to complain about it. if this is the direction they want to go then i'll support them on it.

It's good, I like it, It will get better and everyone should go out and buy it when it goes on sale!

p.s. A huge issue for me going into this was their idea of time compression. I hated the idea they were offering but I bought into it anyways because it's a sub game.

But to be honest what they have right now works. It's a little wonky but it plays just like the SH series does. The only difference is that the time doesnt seem to sync very well. It is really hard to explain and I am not exactly sure how it works but there isnt any "warping" or anything like I initially feared there would be.

It's not perfect but it works and anyone who specifically held off on buying it for fear of the time/skip/warp/acceleration issue should rest at ease knowing that it isnt as bad as it seemed like it would be from their KS writeup.

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