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Default Cycle Tubes? Other Commands? Acronyms?

Hi All, I'm curious about what the command to "Cycle the tubes" means?

Finally, While I have all of the commands found in the SH4 Manual it seems there are more commands that may be missing. I can't recall what I was looking for recently but I searched for some command (unsuccessfully) before "making do".

Lastly, is there a glossary of all the acronyms used by the experienced players? I figured out a couple but some posts are impossible (for me at least) to follow when the acronyms are being thrown left and right.

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Which acronyms do you want? There is a myriad (plethora - a ~LOT~) of them.

As for keyboard shorcuts, look in the root folder of the game, and you'll find "SH4_Q-Ref_Card_Back.jpg" and "SH4_Q-Ref_Card_Front.jpg" files, which are the old laminated cardboard inserts a person got with earlier versions of the game. Even with that, not all of the shortcuts are on it, such as moving the Sonar head with the <Home> and <End> keys, or a mouse wheel scroll. I cannot find the post, but someone a while back made a post with help from other SubSim members about some of the "missing" shortcuts...

"Cycle the tubes" just means to go through the tubes in-turn, such as you are on Tube 1, which if you then press the <W> key, you will "cycle" to Tube 2, which is then "selected", and you can do what you will with the torpedo depth or speed, or open the tube doors, etc. Press the <W> again, and you go to Tube 3, etc, until you get to the last Tube, and it will then "cycle" back to Tube 1. Some mods add cycling the rear tubes with the <E> key. The <Q> key opens and closes the selected tube doors.

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Default That's a help

So it's not like cycling the vents to release trapped air in the ballast tanks after the dive. I was wondering along those lines but couldn't remember ever hearing an order to "Cycle the tubes." Not that it didn't happen, I just never heard it.

Come to think of it, it was the poppet valve's job, I think, to scavenge off the air following a torpedo shot so that the left-over impulse air wouldn't bubble to the surface and give the boat's position away. But then again I wasn't a TM and they might well have been cycling the tubes regularly and not telling anybody.

At any rate, thanks to this thread, I now know what the "W" key really does. And that's a help. One more piece of the puzzle.

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