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Default New to the SH series

Hi all,

I'm coming from the DCS, XPlane community and love realistic sims. I started playing Cold Waters...And 2 viewings of Das boot, The Hunt For Red October and having read 2 books on Submarines in the second World War I'm pretty addicted.

I bought Silent Hunter 4 + the UBoat expansion because it seemed like the best medium of reasonable graphics, whilst not being a bit of a mess (which I've read about SH5).

My question is, I like things realistic - so what can I do to make the game as sim like as possible? There are so many mods and mega mods available I'm a little lost.


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Ahoy @conura

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Hey Conura, welcome. I hasve been playing SH4 since the wrapper got taken off. This is the site if you need any help, with game play, mods etc - rememberr - there is no such thing as a stupid question.
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Default Welcome aboard!

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Hi Conura

Try TMO 2.5 + RSRDC for TMO, or FOTRS 1.3 alone

To me those are the best so far to reach for realism.
There is also FOTRSU but it’s still beta.

If you find TMO too hard to play, there is TMOWTW (with training wheels) wich is same as TMO but a little easier against escorts.

There is also a very good mod to enhance and correct TMO 2.5 campaign, but it’s for French users and not avalaible on this site.
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A Warm Welcome To The Subsim Community > conura
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whilst not being a bit of a mess (which I've read about SH5).
The Wolves Of Steel Mega Mod The ultimate Silent Hunter 5 game, nothing messy here. 100% ctd free.

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Welcome aboard, concura. Happy to have you with us.

As for what to try, I would suggest just playing SH4 without any mods to begin with. Get the hang of the game then branch out and try some of the mods. Everybody's tastes differ and what one likes another doesn't. One thing you'll need in order to install the mods is the JSGME. You can find it here.

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Icon14 A late "Welcome To SubSim" concura

A late "Welcome To SubSim" concura!
"The Lone Wolf"

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